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4 lighting fixture ideas to upgrade your shower

4 lighting fixture ideas to upgrade your shower

When it comes to designing and integrating lighting features in your home, many people often forget about shower lighting. 

Sure, single bathroom lights are popular and efficient, but shower lights can give the space a luxurious spa feel. 

If you’re ready to try something new, stick with us to discover five great lighting ideas for your shower. Many of the products below can be found at our store

The role of lighting in a shower

Lighting can make or break a room, depending on what atmosphere you’re looking to achieve and the lights you decide on. 

Many homeowners opt for cool lighting in their bathrooms to enhance visibility and productivity. We need adequate lighting to complete various tasks and prevent hazards, such as slipping in the shower. 

However, lighting isn’t only essential for functionality; it plays a huge role in creating a relaxing environment for bathing and self-care. 

Whether you need to wind down after a long day or motivate yourself to get up for work, lighting can get you in the right mindset and make your daily tasks more enjoyable.

Lighting ideas to transform your shower

Before deciding on the perfect lights for your home, it’s important to look for an ingress protection rating of IP65 or above. 

This signifies that the fixture is resistant to water and steam, which is crucial for a safe installation in moisture-prone areas. 

If you desire a relaxing shower experience, opt for a warmer bulb (3000k) for that therapeutic feel. For those who prefer an energising task light, opt for a cool bulb (4000k).

1. LED recessed lights

LED recessed lights are designed to be integrated into the ceiling. This offers a sleek, modern look for your shower providing direct illumination for specific tasks. 

You could add one or multiple of these fixtures to your ceiling or on the side of your shower walls to enhance visibility and prevent accidents. Many recessed lights come with dimmable features, allowing you to customise your lights depending on the time of day.

2. Waterproof strip lights

If you prefer fun and playful decor, waterproof strip lights are the perfect option for you. 

These can be placed around the edge of your shower or on the ceiling for a party vibe, perfect for singing in the shower. With colour-changing properties, you can create any vibe you want, any time of the day. 

With an easy adhesive application, you can have your new lights up in no time. 

3. Wall-mounted sconces

Are you a fan of timeless, vintage decor? If so, why not add wall sconces to your shower?

These can serve as a statement piece, adding a unique and personal touch to your bathroom. Add these high up in your shower to prevent obstruction. Whether you prefer a vintage elegance or a contemporary look, there are many designs to choose from.

No matter what style you choose, this is sure to wow your guests. 

4. Ceiling-mounted spotlights

Whether you’re looking for downlights or pendant lights, ceiling-mounted lights are a popular choice for any bathroom. 

These fixtures will uplift your bathroom decor, adding detail and depth to the space. If you’re purchasing a pendant light, ensure that the light shade is waterproof and is hung at a safe height to prevent injury or electrical hazards. 

For downlights, you could opt for the traditional round look, strip lights or a triangular shape for a unique touch. Add as little or as many of these as you want to create your perfect lighting scheme.

Choose Light Supplier for your shower lights

At Light Supplier, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of products and excellent service. 

We have everything you need for reliable and long-lasting lighting for your shower. Browse our fixtures online today or contact us for more information. 

Say goodbye to your old, worn-out light and upgrade your home with us today. You won’t regret it!

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