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4 ways to illuminate your kitchen island

4 ways to illuminate your kitchen island

Does it feel like something is missing from your kitchen? Do you often find it hard to complete tasks or locate items efficiently? If so, your kitchen is in need of some TLC. 

If you have recently installed an island in this room, pair it with the perfect lighting to get the best use out of it. Without effective lighting solutions, your kitchen will appear cold and dull. 

But don’t stress! Light Supplier is here to give you a range of stunning lighting ideas to illuminate your kitchen island. 

The role of lighting in a kitchen

Not only does lighting enhance visibility and productivity in the kitchen, but it also sets the mood for cooking, eating, and socialising. 

You may need direct illumination to aid in the household activities above, or there may be certain features or elements of decor you wish to highlight in your home. 

A warm light bulb (3000k) is the perfect option if you prefer your home to feel cosy and inviting. However, if you prefer to feel energised and focused, a cool light bulb (4000k) is the right way to go.

5 lighting ideas for your kitchen island

1. Pendant lights

This option is popular for many homeowners due to its aesthetic appeal and efficiency. 

Pendant lights can be hung above your kitchen island for widespread illumination. Depending on your style, you could opt for a rustic feature, modern elegance, or an industrial feel. 

This can add a creative element to your kitchen, and they are available in wood, glass, ceramic, and metal. 

2. Recessed lighting

If you prefer a modern or minimalist interior, recessed lighting may be just what you need. 

These fixtures sit flush with the ceiling, creating a clean, unobstructed look. This is ideal for homes with short ceilings or areas which require direct task lighting. When installed above a kitchen island, this minimises shadows on the surface. 

You can add as many or as few of these as you wish, customising the amount of light in your kitchen.

3. Chandeliers

There’s nothing more captivating and luxurious than a chandelier in a kitchen. 

This adds character and depth to the space and can make your kitchen look more expensive and stylish, whilst providing widespread illumination. 

From classic to ornate designs, placing this above your kitchen island will add a unique touch and make cooking more enjoyable and efficient. 

4. Track lighting

Track lighting is an innovative and modern approach to kitchen lighting. This features a tracking system which can hold multiple light heads for various lines of illumination. 

Track lighting can be placed above your kitchen island and adjusted to shine light on certain areas on the surface. This is particularly beneficial for kitchens with unusual layouts or obstructions. 

These lights are sleek and modern, with various heads available, from minimalist cylinders to more decorative pieces. 

Choose Light Supplier for your kitchen lighting

At Light Supplier, we know what it takes to create a home that meets your needs. That is why we stock a range of lighting products to help you design a home you love. 

Lighting plays a huge role in an efficient and cosy home, so if your home desperately needs a makeover, don’t ignore the power of lighting! 

Upgrade your kitchen with us today and browse our products online. For more information, contact us here. 

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