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Use of LED Lighting in Homes

Use of LED Lighting in Homes


We recently conducted a survey, asking 43 respondents to tell us about their use of LED lighting in the home. We asked them which rooms they use LED lighting in and what their reasons are for using it. Here are the results of our survey - thanks to everyone who responded. 

Do you use LED lighting in your home?

Yes - 69.77%

No - 30.23%

Most of our survey respondents already use LED lighting in their home in some capacity. 

If no, would you consider using LED lighting?

Yes - 27.91%

No - 4.65%

I already use it - 67.44%

More respondents who didn't already use LED lighting said they would consider using it.

Which rooms do you use LED lighting in?

Kitchen - 30.23%

Bathroom - 6.98%

Bedroom - 6.98%

Living Room - 11.63%

Garden - 2.33%

Other - 2.33%

None - 16.28%

Whole House - 4.65%

More than one room - 18.60%

The kitchen is the most popular room to use LED lighting in, which doesn't surprise us due to the variety of lighting available - undercabinet, strip, and spotlights.

Have you heard of LED undercabinet lighting?

Yes - 72.09%

No - 18.60%

I use it - 9.30%

Undercabinet lighting is one of the most popular products that we sell, so we were curious to know whether the survey respondents had heard of it or previously used it in their home. 

If you don't use LED lighting, what is stopping you from using it?

Too expensive - 10.34%

Don't know enough about it - 13.79%

Not sure where to buy it from - 10.34%

I'm happy with my current non-LED lighting - 27.59%

Other - 37.93%

We were curious to know what was preventing the respondents who didn't use LED lighting from using it, and it seems that the primary reason is that they are already satisfied with their current non-LED lighting. The secondary reason was that people didn't know enough about it, and presumably didn't know about the many benefits of using LED lighting. 

If you do use LED lighting, why did you choose it?

It's environmentally friendly - 12.82%

Saves money on energy bills - 38.46%

It's cheaper to buy - 2.56%

I prefer the look of LED lighting - 12.82%

More choice in terms of colour/brightness - 15.38%

Other - 17.95%

We were intrigued to know why people who use LED lighting already, use it. 38% of respondents said that they use LEDs because it saves them money on their energy bills, whilst 15% cited more choice in terms of the bulb colours and brightness as a reason. LEDs being eco-friendly and attractive to look at were some more of the top reasons. 

Where do you usually buy your lighting from? (LED or non-LED)

Supermarket - 28.21%

DIY Store - 17.95%

Online - 17.95%

Wherever's Cheapest - 35.90%

We wanted to know where respondents bought their lighting from, whether that is LED or non-LED. Several people said that they just bought their lights from wherever was cheapest, whilst 28% of people bought their lighting at the supermarket. It was then an even split for DIY stores and online. 

If you don't use LED lights, what would convince you to switch to them?

  • Probably price/energy savings
  • Knowing more about it
  • Just a matter of getting round to it, and changing all fittings may be expensive in a rental property
  • Price, environmental benefits, overall look
  • Good prices
  • If they could exactly replicate the light of a normal, soft white, incandescent
  • Free fitting and 50% cashback
  • Price
  • Less artificial
  • If I knew more about them
  • Price
  • Cheaper
  • I don’t know

From the survey results, it's clear to see the price is an important factor when it comes to choosing LED lighting. At Light Supplier, we have some of the most competitive prices in the industry, and we are always available on the phone to give you advice on which type of lighting would work best for your home. 

We have the widest selection of colours and styles in the industry, so you're sure to find whatever you need in our product range. If you can't see what you're looking for, give our team a call and we'd be happy to search the warehouse for you. 

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