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Everything You Need to Know About LED Bulbs

Everything You Need to Know About LED Bulbs


LED lighting is widely known as the most energy-efficient way to light the home. The bulbs last longer, give off a brighter light and can save you money on your electricity bills. However, choosing the right type of LED bulb for your needs can be a daunting task. There are many different types available on the market. Here is everything that you need to know about LED bulbs.

Types of LED Bulbs

Whatever type of light fitting you have, it is almost fairly guaranteed that there will be an LED replacement to match it. This includes GLS, reflectors, golf balls, tubes and spotlights. Any fittings that you put in a bathroom should be fire rated and waterproof, with a certificate of IP65 or higher. Most LED bulbs are dimmable, which can help you create mood lighting in your home. Non-dimmable alternatives are also available.  

Do LED bulbs work with existing dimmer switches?

LED bulbs use a lot less power than halogen bulbs, so they won’t work with your existing dimmer switches. For the best performance of your LED bulbs, you need to use an LED dimmer which has been designed specifically to be used with an LED bulb. Failure to use the correct dimmer will result in poor performance from the bulbs, leading to a shorter lifespan, a lower output and a buzzing sound.

Will LED bulbs illuminate immediately?

Yes, unlike other types of bulbs, LEDs will reach their ultimate level of brightness immediately.

Colour Choices

LEDs have three main colour outputs – warm white, daylight and cool white. In domestic properties, the most commonly used colour is warm white. Warm white is popular because it bears the closest resemblance to a standard halogen bulb, which many homeowners are used to. Cool white can be compared to the fluorescent bulbs which are usually used in office environments. Daylight light is more of a very white light with a blue tinge.

Do LEDs work outdoors?

LED bulbs are durable and sturdy, designed to withstand difficult conditions. This makes them perfect for outdoor environments, as they can cope with cold temperatures. The bulbs are also resistant to shock, external impacts and vibrations, which is good news if the weather isn’t always great where you live.

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