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Living Room Wall Lighting Ideas

Living Room Wall Lighting Ideas

Date Published: June 23rd, 2020

When it comes to coming up with new living room wall lighting ideas, getting it right can be tricky. Take a look at some of the options we have for you here at Light Supplier and make your decision easier.

Picture & Art Lighting

One way to get creative with your living room wall lighting ideas is to use our 8 Watt Fixed LED Picture Light which comes in two distinct colours and looks perfect mounted over wall art. We also offer a flexible option of this light, giving that extra bit of freedom. A world away from traditional sconces, these lighting options are ideal for both modern and traditional styled decor. They also bring depth and warmth to a room whilst highlighting your favourite paintings and prints.

8 Watt Fixed LED Picture Light

8 Watt Fixed LED Picture Light | Price: £70.38

Decorative Lighting

Looking for something decorative to add to your living room that illuminates well and draws the eye? Our Rennes Moder Floor Light is the perfect choice. Easy to install and excellent value for money, this standing light becomes a focal point in any room its placed in. This type of lighting can also be used by a reading chair in order to bring you focused lighting when you need it most.

Rennes - 18W LED Modern Floor Lamp

Rennes - 18W LED Modern Floor Lamp | Price: £106.21

Alternatively, why not opt for living room ceiling lights? Our Designer Eyeball 5 Head is fully adjustable and easy to install. It also comes with LED bulbs and features a stunning chrome finish, perfect for modern living rooms.

Shelf Lighting

If it’s something a bit more “out there” that you’re after with in terms of living room wall lighting ideas, why not opt for LED shelf lighting? They’re not only ideal for showcasing items, but they’re also a lighting fixture that is sure to make an impression. If you’re a modernist, this lighting style could be perfect for you.

Sirius - Floating LED Shelf Lighting

Sirius - Floating LED Shelf Lighting | Price From: £98.88

Why not take a look at our Floating Box LED Lighting Glass Shelves? They fix flush to the wall and have a lamp life of over 30,000 hours. Perfect for showcasing a collection of items, or for simply storing a handful of books. This option is perfect if you’re looking for a wall lighting option that’s a little more out of the box than you’re used to.

Strip Lights For Highlighting

If you’re after something that will bring subtle changes to your living room, then strip lighting is also an option you can consider. They can be placed behind TVs, underneath shelving or behind sofas in order to highlight items you want eyes to be drawn to. Our colour changing LED strip light tape can be used to create ambience and set the mood for any visitors, or if you’d just like to get creative with your lighting colour scheme.

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