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How to make your home safer with LED under cabinet lights

How to make your home safer with LED under cabinet lights

Having an efficient lighting source is beneficial for every home. You walk downstairs for a glass of water in the middle of the night, can’t locate your traditional light switch, and then trip over your house cat on the kitchen floor. If this sounds familiar, at Light Supplier, we say no more!

Installing LED under cabinet lights will make your kitchen trips much safer and hassle-free every night. Instead of scrambling around for your light switch, you will have a reliable light source. These lights can be left on 24/7 with little heat emission and low energy bills.

At light supplier, we have a range of amazing LED light products, perfect for any home and budget. Read on to find out how they can upgrade your home safety. 

Limitations of traditional lighting solutions

Many homeowners resort to traditional lighting options such as halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs to illuminate their homes. However, these options can come with many safety hazards and limitations. 

Incandescent bulbs are notorious for energy efficiency, increasing the cost of your energy bills and producing excess heat that is hazardous for your family. Alongside halogen bulbs, they also have a short life span, costing you more to replace them frequently. The excess heat traditional options produce makes them especially dangerous to place near flammable materials or closed spaces where a fire is more likely. 

What are LED under-cabinet lights?

These are designed to be placed under cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, and workspaces. Under cabinet lights are small, powerful, and long-lasting solutions to traditional light fixtures. 

They come in various forms, such as strips, bars, and pucks, offering flexibility in design for every type of interior and installation. LED lights are often equipped with motion sensors and smart home integration features for added efficiency. 

How under-cabinet LED lights enhance home safety

Improved Visibility

One of the biggest advantages of under-cabinet lighting is improved visibility. Whether you’re chopping vegetables in the kitchen or brushing your teeth in the bathroom, these lights will transform your everyday routine into a thing of ease. 

When installing these lights, distribute them evenly under the cabinet for full surface coverage. Using them in addition to overhead lighting will create a well-lit environment, minimising shadows and dark spots.  

Smart features such as motion sensors and timers mean that you won’t have to get out of bed to turn them off, and you’ll have automatic lighting when walking into any room, reducing the risk of an accident. 

Lower Heat Emission

LED lighting fixtures come with built-in heat sinks designed to absorb and disperse the minimal heat that is generated. This ensures that the LED lights remain cool to the touch, even after extended periods of use.

These lights emit light in a narrow spectrum, making them safer to use in confined spaces such as cupboards and wardrobes. Less fire hazard and less money spent; it sounds like a win-win to us!

Energy Efficiency

LED lights can produce the same amount of light as traditional options, with 80% less energy and less heat emission, making them safer and cheaper to run. With less heat production, you won’t have to worry about installing air conditioning or ceiling fans. 

Due to a longer lifespan, under-cabinet lights won’t cost you time and money on replacements, and they’re free of harmful chemicals, such as mercury, reducing their environmental impact.  

Maintenance tips

To keep on top of your home safety, dust the surface of your lights often to reduce the risk of a fire hazard caused by built-up grime. If you notice any damaged or malfunctioning components, replace them immediately.

If you purchase dimmable LED lights, ensure you have a compatible dimmer switch to avoid flickering bulbs. Despite these lights being waterproof, keeping them away from direct contact with water is best to reduce electrical shocks and damage. 

Choose Light Supplier for your LED needs!

With so many options to choose from, at Light Supplier, we have something for everyone. Our under-cabinet LED lights are perfect for many home interiors and personal styles.

Affordable and long-lasting, you won’t regret relying on us for your home improvement projects. We believe safety and style can go hand-in-hand. Browse our under-cabinet LED lights today and upgrade your home. 
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