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How to Highlight a Roof Lantern with Lights

How to Highlight a Roof Lantern with Lights

Roof lanterns are the perfect addition to any home. They make any room appear more spacious and bright, elevating the space. 

However, roof lanterns can become hidden at night, blending in with the rest of your interior. Today, we have compiled a list of lighting ideas to keep your roof lantern the star of the show during the night. 

Read on to discover how to illuminate your roof lantern and browse our LED lighting products whilst you’re here.

Safety and Installation Tips

Before we dive into lighting ideas for your roof lantern, examine your lantern and the surrounding area to ensure it can support the weight of a light fixture. 

Once you have chosen your design, consult with an electrician to learn the best practices for installing your new light fixture, or have a professional install it for you.

If you choose the DIY route, wear safety glasses and gloves during the installation to protect yourself from injury.

Planning Your Lighting Scheme

Consider the mood you want to create and whether you need task lighting for the kitchen or ambient lighting for a cosy atmosphere. 

Add ambient lighting around the perimeter of the roof lantern to reach dark spots or position accent lights to illuminate certain features in your home. 

For better energy efficiency and longevity of your fixture, opt for LED light bulbs and motion sensors. This will ensure the light only turns on when someone is in the room. 

4 Lighting Ideas for Your Roof Lantern

1. LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting can take your home to the next level. 

Whether you’re looking for modern elegance with warm lighting or a playful twist with multi-coloured bulbs, these are versatile and easy to install. Strip lights can be placed around corners or along curved surfaces of your roof lantern for a cohesive look. 

Better yet, you can cut strip lights to fit perfectly around your lantern for a tight fit. Their slim design can also be hidden from view, making the light appear from seemingly nowhere. 

2. Pendant Lighting

Make a statement with a stunning pendant light in the middle of your roof lantern. 

For this, you will need to place a sturdy beam underneath the lantern to be able to support the fixture. This will draw the eyes upwards, creating an eye-catching effect. 

With many styles to choose from, you could opt for an industrial-style pendant light, such as our Cascara Cast Industrial Style Pendant Light. Or, if classic elegance is more of your style, you could add one of our Globe Pendant Light Shades to your roof lantern. 

Translucent materials provide a brighter glow, suitable for task lighting, whereas metal or fabric shades offer a softer glow for a cosy room.

3. Recessed Spotlights

If you prefer a sleek, unobtrusive look, recessed spotlights are the perfect choice. 

Position spotlights around the edge of your roof lantern to accentuate the architectural details. Spotlights provide a direct line of illumination to certain areas, ideal for task lighting for cooking, reading, and various hobbies. 

You can customise the brightness of the room by adding as many or as few recessed spotlights to the ceiling. 

4. Skylight Effect Lighting

Skylight effect lighting includes mimicking the look of real daylight with artificial lights. 

This is particularly useful during the night when the room needs to be sufficiently lit. For this, integrate various lighting solutions and placement strategies for even light distribution. 

LED panels are ideal for this effect. They produce widespread lighting and can be mounted on the ceiling next to the skylight. Our 50-watt LED Panel Light is the perfect choice. 

Wall washers are also designed to illuminate a large surface area, mimicking the diffuse quality of natural daylight.

Enhance Your Roof Lantern with Light Supplier

At Light Supplier, we can ensure your roof lantern is as beneficial at night as it is during the day. 

With our lighting ideas, your home will have more character and dimension, highlighting your roof lantern all day long. 

No matter your style or preferences, we have a wide variety of LED lighting to complement your home and enhance visibility during dark hours. Browse our products today or contact us for expert advice.

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