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How To Fit A Pendant Light - A Guide

How To Fit A Pendant Light - A Guide

Date Published: July 25th, 2020

Changing a light fixture can be a simple task if you follow the correct procedure, have the right tools, and are patient. You can use our guide if you need to replace a pendant light or install one for the first time. If you’re looking for new pendant lighting, we offer a range of products that cater to various styles and aesthetics.

Step 1 - Switch Off The Electricity

Before doing any of the following, it’s important that you isolate the electrical circuit that you’re going to be working on and ensure that it cannot be accidentally switched back on. If in doubt, discuss your fitting with a qualified electrician. Note: switching off a light will not isolate the circuit. Isolating a circuit can only be done from the consumer unit or fuse box. Once the power has been switched off, double check there’s no electricity going to the room with an appropriate tool.

Step 2 - Unscrew The Ceiling Cover & Line Up Your Fitting

Before installing anything, ensure that your new fixture lines up and that you have a fixing point (batten or joist is ideal). Once this is done, drill the holes where your fixing will be anchored, making sure that you avoid cables.

Step 3 - Prepare & Attach Your Lighting

If possible, have a friend hold your fixture up while you connect the wires from the junction box to the fixture itself. Attach each wire according to the instructions provided with your fixture (ie black to black, white to white etc). Wrap the exposed ends of the wires together; if there isn’t enough exposed wire to do this, you will need to use wire strippers and strip back more of the wire. Once you have done this, screw on wire nuts to cover the exposed wire before tackling the ground wire.

The ground wire is the last wire to connect with your fitting and is usually green or bare copper. Once you have done this, fold or push all the wiring up into the junction box.

Step 4 - Install The Mounting Bracket

Firmly attach your new pendant light as per the instructions. Allow the holes to line up before screwing anything in, and make sure the bracket is safe and secure before attaching your light fixture.

Step 5 - Install A Bulb & Turn The Power On

Once everything is secure, you can screw in a bulb and finally turn the power back on. If your light is not working - check the bulb and replace where possible. If the issue is not with the bulb, you will need to turn the electricity off again in order to check your wiring.

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