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How To Choose A Floor Lamp

How To Choose A Floor Lamp

Date Published: January 25th, 2021

Floor lamps are ideal for providing spotlight illumination without any intense installation processes. They can offer both widespread and ambient lighting and are a big part of 2021 interior design trends. They come in a variety of styles and are versatile enough to match a range of moods and decor. But for many people, the variety and different styles can often leave them wondering how to choose a floor lamp that matches their aesthetic perfectly. Below are some options and advice for choosing the perfect floor lamp, and some products we sell here at Light Supplier that can take your room design to the next level.  

Choosing the type of floor lamp 

Floor lamps are pretty straightforward. They have a sturdy base, a long body and a lamp attached at the top. However, although the basic design of a floor lamp is simple, there are hundreds of different styles to match a number of different aesthetics, each with their own benefits and uses. For example, there are floor lamps for reading, floor lamps for ambience and so much more. 

Ambient Floor Lamps

These are usually the most common type of floor lamp, and provide general and upbeat lighting to your room. The light shade will diffuse light in a certain way, and offer a great ambient or mood light for reading, watching television or other similar activities. They usually fit well in corners or next to items of furniture you wish to highlight. Our spock floor lamp is a great modern twist on the ambient light. The shade diffuses the light upwards, making it a good choice for the bedroom or dining room. The additional spotlight makes for a great reading light. 

Spock - 25W LED Modern Floor Lamp

Spock - 25W LED Modern Floor Lamp - Price: £103.14

Modern Floor Lamps

Modern floor lamps are perfect for those with minimalist style. They’re usually one colour, offer bright spotlight lighting, and blend with a multitude of colours and decor to create the perfect addition to your lighting plan. Our Rennes floor lamp is the embodiment of modern style and is dimmable to fit your ambience needs. This lamp is also easy to install and comes in a chrome finish, perfect for matching with a range of modern decor styles.

Rennes - 18W LED Modern Floor Lamp

Rennes - 18W LED Modern Floor Lamp - Price: £106.21


Retro Floor Lamps

Retro floor lighting is making a comeback for 2021 and looks great when paired with retro, maximalist and niche interior design. Retro lamps come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in flea markets and vintage stores. You can also find brand new retro-style lights online. Our Gotham floor lamp is a popular option for those looking at retro lighting, as it can also work alongside more minimal aesthetics.

Gotham Vintage Floor Lamp Stand

Gotham Vintage Floor Lamp Stand£75.23

Other Considerations

If you ever find yourself asking how to choose a floor lamp, take a look at some interior inspiration online that matches your style or aesthetic, you may find just the right lamp to suit your needs.

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