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How Smart Lights Work With Switches

How Smart Lights Work With Switches

Date Published: January 17th, 2021

Smart lighting is becoming more and more prominent when it comes to interior design trends, as well as in everyday life. They make life a lot easier and can be very easy to install. Many of us already know that smart lighting involves remote controls in some shape or form, but what exactly is it? How do we install it and how do smart lights work with switches? Below we outline what smart lighting is, and explain how you can easily install smart lighting with your switches at home. 

What is Smart Lighting? 

Smart lighting is a term coined for lighting that integrates with other technologies and devices in your home. For example, you can link your smart lighting to your Alexa or Google Home device, and simply ask them to turn on your lights for you. You can also use these devices to switch on your lights at certain times, program them to turn on different coloured lights, and even create your “scenes”.

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How do smart lights work with switches?

The starting place for most smart light technology begins with the “the hub”. This acts as a gateway between the smart lights/switches and your phone, tablet or another device. To get started, plug your hub into a free port in your wifi router. Some bulbs don’t require a hub, so check the packaging first to make sure. 

Smart switches are different from bulbs in that you can use a smart switch to control a regular bulb. This is handy when you have many lights connected to the same switch such as having an array of LED ceiling downlights. In these cases, it’s cheaper to replace the switch itself.

Many smart light switches can be easily installed without having to mess around with wires as they use the same configuration as standard switches. Make sure that your new smart switch can be fitted this way before trying to install it. Some smart switches require a neutral wire, and so you may need professional help when installing them. 

Another thing you should check out before purchasing and installing a smart switch is its compatibility with LED bulbs. For example, not all dimmable LED light bulbs are compatible with smart switches. However, many brands offer both bulbs and switches, meaning that if you prefer one brand, their products will usually work in conjunction with each other for seamless lighting in your home. 

How does Alexa and Google Home work with smart lights?

Although many see smart lighting as a gimmick, it can be incredibly helpful to hook up your lighting to your smart device. You can switch off the lights by simply asking, which is handy if you’re about to start a film, blow out birthday candles, or simply want dim lights for when you’re reading. Setting up smart lights with your device can also be simple, simply ask Alexa or Google Home to guide you through the process, or search online for video tutorials. Once your device is connected to a bulb or switch, you’re good to go!

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