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5 Ideas For A More Eco-Friendly Kitchen

5 Ideas For A More Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Date Published: February 18th, 2020

Environmental awareness is at an all-time high these days, with many of us hoping to live in more eco-friendly homes. With energy efficiency, water efficiency, and food waste all being major concerns, the kitchen can be the hub of environmentally friendly lifestyle changes. It is possible to have a more eco-friendly kitchen with just a few considerations and adaptations.

Sustainable Materials

If you are taking the opportunity to redecorate or remodel your kitchen, sustainability can start with the foundations. You should look for sustainably sourced wood if you prefer this material for your kitchen flooring or cabinets. The same applies to sustainable worktops, which can be available in materials such as poured concrete, granite, and recycled glass. 

Energy Efficient Appliances

Although buying secondhand is environmentally friendly, older appliances are likely to be far less energy efficient than newer models. When replacing or upgrading kitchen appliances, choose products with high energy efficiency ratings (look for a green A rating on the label). Installing pop up sockets could also prevent leaving electronic items plugged in constantly.

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Long-Lasting Cookware

The tools that you use in the kitchen should be durable and ideally made from recyclable materials. This means opting for sustainable utensils, pots, pans, and dishware over flashy but wasteful cookware products. Metal and bamboo are great alternative materials to use, including for refillable bottles and food storage boxes instead of a collection of Tupperware.

Recycling Bins

Depending on your local council, there should be a recycling scheme for residents with designated recycling containers. Inside the house, you can make things easier for yourself by pre-sorting with unobtrusive waste storage, such as pull-out recycling bins or tandem waste bins. You can line bins with biodegradable bin bags and compost your food waste.

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Eco-Friendly LED Lights

Older models of light bulbs are rapidly going out of style in terms of their efficiency. LED lights are the future of environmentally friendly lighting, so it only makes sense to use LED lights for your kitchen. It will last longer and use less energy, also saving you money. Dimmable lights are another option, allowing you to adjust the kitchen lighting according to usage.

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