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5 of the Best LED Decorative Lights for Your Home

5 of the Best LED Decorative Lights for Your Home

Date Published: March 25th, 2020

Lighting is not just for practical purposes, but it can also be an integral part of interior design. If you choose decorative ceiling lights or decorative wall lights for your interior lighting, it can transform the appearance and atmosphere of every room in your home.

The best option for both aesthetics and energy efficiency are LED decorative lights. You can install them both inside and outside the home, to light the way and to make your living space more attractive.

Decorative Ceiling Lights

Fancy ceiling lights can immediately upgrade a room from basic to classy. Decorative ceiling lights serve the practical purpose of lighting most of the room to a sufficient level, while also providing an artistic design to look at and complement the furnishings of the room.

A modern curved LED light bar would look fantastic in a contemporary kitchen, while this twisting light frame with five eyeball spotlights would make a great centrepiece above a dining table. If your living room has a high ceiling, these crystal shard lights can create a lovely aesthetic.

Quad Modern LED Light Bar

Quad Modern LED Light Bar - Price: £54.34

Decorative Pendant Lights

One of the most on-trend types of decorative ceiling lights are pendant lights. A single bulb hanging down can be decorative without a lampshade, if you choose an industrial pendant light on a rope or an updated chrome pendant light in a classic Edison bulb shape.

Often a pendant light is all about the body, with the decorative casing almost becoming its own art piece. You could choose from vintage beaten copper for a steampunk look, a hexagonal copper cage for a contemporary geometric look, smoked glass, or a chandelier cord light.

Maria - Vintage Lighting Pendant

Maria - Vintage Lighting Pendant - Price: £72.52

Decorative Wall Lights

Wall hanging lights are the way to go for more subtle LED decorative lighting. An antique brass picture light on the wall can provide ambient lighting while complementing framed artwork below it. If you would prefer not only a smooth satin finish but a flexible wall light, an LED picture light with gooseneck lamp and a dimmable bulb is ideal.

When it comes to living areas, adding colour-changing backlights to a television against the wall is a modern and fun approach. You can even add futuristic-feeling mirror lights on the wall in your bathroom.

8 Watt Fixed LED Picture Light

8 Watt Fixed LED Picture Light - Price: £70.38

Decorative Table Lamp

Decorative lamps are great accessories for side tables and desks. They not only provide direct light when needed for activities such as reading, but they are a decorative feature within the greater interior design of the room. This industrial decorative table lamp with a wire cage and antique silver pipe finishing would complement a more vintage look.

This style of lamp is also available as a floor lamp, which can go in corners or beside armchairs. If you prefer a cleaner look, upstand lighting along worktop surfaces offers simple decoration.

Illuminated LED Worktop Upstand Tunable - Retrofit

Illuminated LED Worktop Upstand Tunable - Retrofit - Price From: £25.42

Decorative Garden Lights

Outdoor LED decorative lights can transform an entryway or an outside space into a completely different environment. With outdoor lighting your garden can become an entertaining space in the evening, or become the perfect peaceful place to relax on your own.

These round LED outdoor wall lights with an aluminium finish add texture in a contemporary style and go well beside entrance and exit doors. The same can be said for this antique-style lantern wall light. If your garden features decking or a patio, inset lights are ideal, especially if there are stairs.

LED 10 Light Patio Lighting Set

LED 10 Light Patio Lighting Set - Price: £54.89

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