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Conservatory Lighting Ideas For A Different Atmosphere

Conservatory Lighting Ideas For A Different Atmosphere

Date Published: October 5th, 2020

By definition, conservatories feature a lot of glass that allows for natural light to flood the space. However, you’ll still need to find illumination when day turns to night. Ideally, the lighting you choose should be functional, beautiful and create the perfect amount of ambience. Below is our lighting guide for conservatory lighting ideas and how you can transform your space no matter your budget or style. 

Fan Lighting 

As the hottest room in the house, your conservatory could benefit from fitting a light and fan combination fixture. When fitted to the roof, the fixture won’t draw too much attention or take away any valuable space. When paired with the right LED light bulb, it can create a beautiful ambience during the evenings and keep you cool during the summer months.

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Garden Lighting

One way to draw the eye and make your conservatory seem larger in the evening is to make the illusion of space. You can do this by choosing dynamic garden lighting that draws the eye. This can be through solar lighting, festoon lights or a specific feature that you’d like to draw attention too. Doing this will draw the eye beyond the glass of the conservatory and help allude to more space in the room. 

Floor Lighting

If you use your conservatory for downtime, or for reading or hanging out with family and friends, then adding a freestanding floor lamp might be the best lighting solution for you. They create a great source of light that can flow throughout the room, and bring a warming atmosphere.

Add a dimmer 

An easy, cheap and quick way to change up the atmosphere in your conservatory is to add a dimmer switch to your current lighting. At Light Supplier, we offer a range of dimmers that you can purchase.

Choose pendant lighting 

Looking for that perfect focal point? Pendant lighting is the perfect choice for you. These lights are easy to install (by a professional), and draw the eye to any focal points you have in the room. If your dining room is in your conservatory, then placing a pendant light above the table is a great idea. As far as conservatory lighting ideas go, a contemporary pendant light is a great choice and on-trend for 2021.

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LED strip lighting

After a conservatory lighting idea that’s a bit more modern? LED strip lighting is a great option to consider. They’re installed in a similar way to wire lighting and can be easily dimmed using a dimmer switch. They’re also a simple solution to dark spaces and can be installed anywhere from the ceiling to the floor to items of furniture. They’re quintessentially modern and will spruce up the look of your conservatory in no time.

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