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Guide to Choosing Lighting for Makeup Application

Guide to Choosing Lighting for Makeup Application

Choosing the right type of lighting for applying makeup is very important. Lighting can make a huge difference to the outcome of the makeup look. Poor lighting can disguise poorly blended makeup or uneven coverage, which would then be obvious in the natural light. Also, poor lighting can make it harder for you to apply makeup, as you might need to strain your eyes to see what you are doing. All in all, great lighting will make makeup applications easier and more successful. 

We have put this guide together to help you choose the right lighting for makeup application, we hope it helps! If you are interested in finding out more about lighting in your home and garden, then check out our other blog posts

Colour of Lighting 

The colour of the lighting will make a huge impact, as the colour of the lighting can make eyeshadow, foundation or concealer shades appear different than they actually are. 

Whilst natural lighting is your best option, it is not always possible to have this. The second best option is cool and white LED lighting.

Here is a list of colours you should avoid with lighting: 

  • Yellow Lighting:  You should avoid yellow lighting as it is unflattering and can lead to your skin looking different than it actually is, as a result, you might apply the wrong amount of makeup. 

  • RGB Lighting: Whilst RGB lighting can be flattering, it provides an unnatural colouring to your reflection, which can lead to you applying the wrong colours or uneven blending. 

  • Fluorescent Lighting:  This is unflattering to your skin, and will give it an unnatural tint, which could lead to applying the wrong colour and amount of foundation or concealer. 

Read more about the effects of other colours of lighting on this website

Lighting Positioning

The position of the lighting is essential to get right, otherwise, you will have the issue of shadows whilst applying your makeup, which can lead to poorly blended makeup. Blending makeup on your face properly can set off the whole look, so it is key to get right.   

The lighting should directly shine on your face. If you position the lighting above or below the mirror, then this can lead to shadows being cast. Also, the lighting should be equally distributed across the mirror to achieve consistent and equal lighting. 

If you do not want the hassle of positioning the lighting right, then you should check out The Light Supplier’s brilliant range of LED mirrors, which are suitable for all rooms in your home, including your bathroom. Here are some of our customer’s favourites:

  • Milton Tunable LED Bathroom Mirror:  This stunning mirror has a natural-inspired illuminated border, which provides a soft glow that gives the illusion of natural light. You can purchase this in different colour temperatures. If you will be using it to apply makeup, then we recommend a colour temperature of 4000K+. 

Milton Tunable LED Bathroom Mirror
  • Sudbury Tunable LED Round Bathroom Mirror With Demister: This beautiful circle mirror has a warm glow and provides equally distributed lighting. It is also dimmable, so you can experiment with this lighting to get the best setting for you. Enjoy the natural-looking lighting it provides to get amazing makeup results. 

Sudbury Tunable LED Round Bathroom Mirror With Demister
  • Titan LED Vanity Mirror: This practical and portable mirror is ideal for makeup application. The dimmable feature allows you to find the perfect lighting for you. With the smart sensors, the mirror will automatically turn off after 20 seconds if it does not sense movement, making it a cost-effective and smart option.  

Titan LED Vanity Mirror

Alternatively, you can get crafty and creative to achieve the right lighting. Purchase LED strip lights and install them around a mirror that you already own. Check out our guide to installing LED strip lights for a helping hand. 

LED Lighting

LED lighting is always the right choice for lighting, and you should always opt for LED lighting over Halogen lights. LED lights provide warmer and more visually pleasing lighting, which makes makeup application easier and provide you with a great outcome. 

Halogen or incandescent lighting can be harsh, uncomfortable and not flattering, which can lead to uneven application of makeup. Also, it can end up costing you more in the long run than LED lighting. Overall, LED lighting wins every time.

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