LED Bathroom Mirrors

Illuminate your bathroom in a sleek and stylish way with the installation of one of our beautiful LED bathroom mirrors. These mirrors are both functional and beautiful; their elegant designs making them a great focal point in any bathroom. 

Per row: 5 4 3 2 1

With innovative technology in the form of demister glass, colour tuning technology and dimmable lighting these LED bathroom mirrors make a great addition for both task and ambience lighting. With the warm and low lighting setting making a great addition to a spa-like environment whilst you relax in the tub. 

The minimal designs of the bathroom mirror with LED lights ensure that they fit seamlessly into many styles of bathroom decor. 

Round LED bathroom mirrors offer a full lighting effect with no dark spots created thanks to the continuous stream of lighting around the outer edge of the design. 

It’ll be a while till you have to think about replacing bulbs as well with on average 30,000 hours of lamp life. 

A bathroom mirror is an integral part of your morning and evening routine, and the addition of the LED lights ensure that you look flawless before you leave the house. The continuous stream of light around the edge of the mirror ensure there are no spots missed when shaving, and help guarantee a flawless application of makeup too. Whether you’ve just walked into the bathroom, or have spent time filling the space up with steam from a hot shower, these LED bathroom mirrors have been designed with demister technology so your reflection is easily visible. 

Give your bathroom a new lease of life with the installation of one of our top of the range bathroom mirrors with LED lights, practical and polished, these will make a great addition to any bathroom. 

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