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6 ways to use your Christmas fairy lights all year round

6 ways to use your Christmas fairy lights all year round

Who said Christmas lights could only be used once a year? Dig up your old holiday box stored away in the loft, and restore life back into your fairy lights.

LED lights can transform your home, bringing an ambient glow and a sense of cosiness that can’t be replicated with your traditional lamp. Don’t wait till Christmas to adorn your space, your home should feel cheerful every day of the year.

If you’re struggling with ideas, then Light Supplier has got you covered. Browse our list of six creative ways to brighten up your home with Christmas fairy lights all year round.

1. A Cosy Reading Nook

If you love to immerse yourself in worlds of fantasy, friendship, and romance, why not upgrade your reading experience by creating a mystical reading nook?

Add cushions, soft beanbags, or a reading chair to your space, and drape your fairy lights around the seating area and along your bookshelf or coffee table.

You may just find that you look forward to reading more, and if you have little ones, creating a comfortable place for them to hide out in will make their daily reading feel more safe and pleasant. 

 2. Garden Party Decor

Brighten up your social gatherings and add some flair to your garden space.

Long summer nights spent with your friends and family is something universally adored. But what could make it better? Adding stunning lighting features around your garden furniture will give it that extra wow factor and lead to a great conversational piece. 

To do this, drape your fairy lights around trees, atop the roof of your garden shed, along your fence, and hang them above your dining table. 

No longer will you have to rely on your security lights for illumination. Plus, you will be known for throwing the most glamorous parties in your friend group!

 3. DIY Light Art

If you’re someone who loves arts and crafts, then get yourself stuck in and design your own creations. Add lights to a canvas painting that features street lanterns, cityscapes, or the night sky. 

To do this, carefully drill or poke holes where you want to add the lights and string them through, securing them with tape or hot glue. Ensure the holes are bigger than the bulbs for efficiency when adding them to your painting.

Alternatively, create an image using only your lights. For this, plan out a shape, such as an animal or a heart symbol on your kitchen table, and fix the form into place using tape or glue. 

You can then add this to your wall with nails or tape, transforming your space into something of eccentricity and beauty.

4. Bedroom Canopy

Does your bedroom feel like it’s missing that element of safety and uniqueness? If so, we have just the solution. 

A bedroom canopy can add a net of warmth and security, and if you had one of these when you were a child, it can bring back feelings of nostalgia and playfulness.

If you already have one in your room, drape your fairy lights down along the material, attaching them to the hook in your ceiling to keep them in place. You can also purchase a canopy online, matching the material to the colour of the fairy lights you have in your possession.

5. DIY Lightbox

This is a quick and simple way to put your old Christmas lights to use.

Personalise your living room and bedroom lighting with an elegant lightbox, adding style and creativity to any home. 

To do this, use a mason jar or fish bowl and simply place the lights at the bottom of the surface, or tape the lights inside around the edge of the glass for a more sophisticated look. 

String the wire through the jar or over the bowl and place it next to a socket so you can switch the lights on. Now you have a sparkling centrepiece for your room!

6. Staircase Illumination 

Strut up your stairs in style and fantasise about walking the runway with a dazzling staircase bound to capture the eye of anyone who enters your home.

Choose between wrapping fairy lights around your bannister for a touch of glamour or draping the lights along each trim on either side or down the edge of your steps for a bejewelled carpet look.

Not only will this transform your space, but your new lights will provide a soft glow for trips downstairs in the middle of the night, enhancing visibility. 

Secure them in place with tape or nails so they don’t budge. 

Choose Light Supplier for your LED lighting needs!

If your Christmas lights aren’t suitable for any of these projects, then don’t worry! At Light Supplier, we offer a range of high-quality LED lights, perfect for any home DIY. 

Browse our extensive range of LED strip lights and outdoor lighting, certain to convert your home from plain and dim to bright and enchanting. 

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