6 Stylish Bedroom Wall Lighting Ideas

Date Published: June 9th, 2020

Wall lighting, especially in the bedroom, don’t need to be basic or drab. Choosing creative and eccentric options can actually bring the space together and highlight elements that would otherwise go unnoticed. Below are some bedroom wall lighting ideas that will complement even the most “out there” of styles.

Opt for light-up shelves instead of sconces

Sconces, though practical, can actually take a modern space and turn it into a drab and cluttered area when done wrong. A good replacement for sconces is light up shelves. Not only can they completely transform the bedroom, but they’re practical in that they can be used for showcasing collectables, art and more. Check out our Sirius floating box shelves if this is something you’d like to try out.

Sirius - 600mm Floating Box LED Lighting Glass Shelves

Sirius - 600mm Floating Box LED Lighting Glass Shelves | Price: £90

Wall Strip Lighting

Whether you’re a colourful person or someone who prefers warm white lighting, strip lights can be tailored to your liking. When attached between the wall and the ceiling, strip lights can make your bedroom seem bigger whilst illuminating the entire space. At Light Supplier, we offer a fully bendable strip lighting option that also comes in a variety of colours.

Fully Bendable FLEXile IP68 LED Strip Lighting

Fully Bendable FLEXile IP68 LED Strip Lighting | Price From: £12

Make a statement

No matter which trend or style you choose for your bedroom wall lighting, ensure you’re installing it in a way that makes a statement. This means hiding loose wires, installing lighting with remote controls and making your walls stand out in a new and exciting way.

Art Lighting

Instead of opting for a wall-mounted lighting option, why not try some bedroom wall lighting that will highlight pieces of art or prints? Our 4 Watt Flexible LED Picture Light comes in both brass and nickel and is fully flexible. Unlike fixed sconces, these lights can be moulded to your liking and are bound to stand out in any bedroom.

4 Watt Flexible LED Picture Light

4 Watt Flexible LED Picture Light | Price From: £40.87

Industrial Sconces

One of the biggest trends emerging in interior design in 2020 is the industrial style. This includes brassy tones, wooden and black colour palettes and caged lighting. If you’re looking to embrace this trend over summer, we suggest trying out the Gotham Industrial Style Wall Light. Not only is it a perfect option for the industrial trend, but it can be paired with its sister table lamp.

Gotham Industrial Style Wall Lights - Single Light

Gotham Industrial Style Wall Lights - Single Light | Price: £39.24

Integrated Bedroom Wall Lighting

If your style could be considered more modern in its approach, then a recessed wall light might be the best choice for you. Installed so that it’s flush with the wall, these lights are ideal for modern decor and minimalist style. With integrated LED lighting, this product is easy to install and looks amazing no matter the current trends.

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