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How To Install Deck Stair Lighting

How To Install Deck Stair Lighting

Date Published: May 29th, 2020

It seems that this summer a lot more of us will be spending time in the garden. With the lockdown firmly in place, now is a great time to spruce up your garden and install some new items in order to transform it. Although deck stair lighting is usually carried out by a professional, it is possible to do it yourself. Below are some simple tips for installing deck stair lighting using products from our website. We do recommend that you have a basic understanding of lighting in order to do this. If you’re unsure, please call a professional. Always consult the manual.

Find the right lighting

At Light Supplier, we offer a range of lighting options for recessed decking lights. Our LED Patio Lighting sets are ideal for DIY beginners and come in packs of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. We also offer colour changing recessed lights, and square decking lights.

 LED 10 Light Patio Lighting Set

LED 10 Light Patio Lighting Set - Price: £54.89

Ensure you have the right tools

For larger DIY projects such as this, you’ll need the right tools. When it comes to installing deck stair lighting, you will need to have a pencil, drill, and any other tools set out in the leaflet that comes with your preferred lighting. You will also need to have a plan of where you’d like your lighting to go in your garden and ensure that it is easy to install your lighting before trying it out. Ensure that there will be no trip hazards with wiring and that you can run any loose wires behind the decking where possible.

Mark the location of the lights

When you have the right lighting, it’s important to mark out where you want each light to go on the decking steps. Once you have done this, you will need to cut or drill an opening on the deck board in order to place the light inside. When doing this, make sure the hole perfectly fits the light. To do this, we suggest measuring in mm. Once this is done, place the transformer near the electrical outlet to avoid tangled wires. Pro tip: if you can drill the holes from behind the decking we suggest doing so, this will help with excess sawdust and jagged edges.

Start installing

Starting with the furthest away from the transformer, start placing the lights into the drilled holes. Ensure that the on/off switch is off while doing this and that the wiring is out of sight by running the wires under the decking. If this isn’t possible, staple the wires to the corner of the deck in order to conceal them.

Make sure that everything’s secure

Once all of the lights are installed and the wire is securely hidden, plug in the lights and test that they’re all working properly. Clean up any mess from drilling the holes and ensure there are no trip hazards when it comes to the wire running from the outlet to the lighting.

Enjoy your new deck stair lighting

Once the lights are installed, you can sit back and enjoy your summer nights. LED technology ensures that your decking lights are long-lasting, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your decking lights will look amazing for many summers to come.

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