LED Flood Lights

Designed to illuminate a large area with the flick of a switch, Lightsupplier’s range of LED flood lights is perfect for lighting large outdoor spaces, and can be fitted with motion detectors to act as effective security lights or efficient utility lighting.

Weatherproofed to protect against anything from storms to frost and sun damage, the majority of Lightsupplier LED Flood Lighting comes with a mounting which allows it to be adjusted and aimed wherever you need it, keeping the light where it is most useful.

Due to their nature as flood lights, these light installations are often placed high up, in difficult or inaccessible spots, making their durability and lifespan important – and that’s where our LED floodlight technology comes in.

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Why Choose LED Flood Lights?

Much more durable and long-lasting than alternatives, LED lighting uses tough, hard plastics instead of brittle glass, and does not rely on filaments or halogen tubes which so frequently fail in competing technologies. Instead, LED lighting keeps on going well after halogens or incandescent have failed – and on top of that, LED floodlights generate much, much less heat than their competitors.

That helps keep costs down, but, even more critically, it helps protect the light itself, avoiding heat fluctuations and preserving the weatherproofing of the light. As a result, choosing an LED flood light saves you money in two ways – first, in the cost of running the light, as their electricity demands are lower than other lights by far, and second, in maintenance costs, as hardy, long-lasting LEDs keep working long after brittle glass bulbs have given out, burned through their weatherproofing, broken, or blown.

As well as wall-mounted and swivel-mounted flood lighting, Lightsupplier also stocks spike lighting which operates in the same way as a flood light, with the added bonus of being deployable on any soft ground or grass where you need it. Please note, however, that these wireless lights are not as powerful as a floodlight connected to the mains electricity supply would be.