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Surface Mounted Downlights

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At Light Supplier, we aim to provide a wide variety of lighting solutions to fit every home and preference. 

If you struggle to find a light fixture for your low ceilings, we have the perfect option. Our ceiling-mounted lights integrate seamlessly into your ceiling for an unobtrusive look. They protrude slightly from the wall for a simplistic yet noticeable feature. 

Perfect for both commercial and residential settings, these versatile fixtures enhance ambience and functionality with a quick and easy installation process. This makes it ideal for a DIY project. 

Our collection offers a variety of fixtures, from sleek and modern to classic and understated, pairing well with any interior style. With long-lasting LED bulbs, our lights are reliable and energy efficient, lasting up to 50,000 hours. 

When placed over countertops, desks, and kitchen islands, surface-mounted lights are the perfect task lighting for kitchens and offices. They help lower electricity bills while providing bright, comfortable illumination.

Install our ceiling-mounted lights evenly across the ceiling for cohesive and widespread illumination. For a dramatic effect, you could place one above an architectural feature you wish to highlight. 

Whether you're looking to brighten a hallway, enhance a workspace, or add warmth to your living areas, our surface-mounted lights offer flexibility and style. Browse our downlights below for long-lasting lighting solutions at affordable prices.

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Solaris Pro Recti LED Under Cabinet Light
  • Aluminium Finish - Warm White 3000K LED
  • Aluminium Finish - Natural White 4000K LED
  • Black FInish - Warm White 3000K LED
  • Black Finish - Natural White 4000K LED