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LED Lighting Home Automation

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The WFR LED Lighting Home Automation system allows multiple zones and multiple locations within a zone to create state of the art lighting schemes.

  • All locations within a zone operate in the same way - pre set scenes can be saved and accessed at the touch of a button.
  • Zone = chosen space eg. a room or outside space such as a patio or an area within that space. For example a kitchen as zone and then locations within it such as islands, cabinets or ceiling coffers.
  • The use of repeaters in zones allows for a continuation of the control in that zone when the maximum wattage of the receiver is exceeded.

Things To Consider

  • How many zones are to be controlled
  • How many different locations within each zone are required?
  • The type of product to be controlled single colour, colour temperature, RGB and RGBW/RGBWW
  • What control matches the requirements of my design

Technical Specs

  • Wall mounted RF controls can operate up to 4 zones
  • Hand held RF controls can operate up to 6 zones
  • WIFI App can operate up to 8 zones
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