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Brick Lights

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Cast low-level light on a path, driveway, seating area or staircase with our brick lights. 

Designed to blend in with wall bricks, our discreet recessed LEDs are a functional solution for dimly lit areas. These products once came in a standard cut-out depth, perfect for replacing single bricks that may have been damaged or missing. 

But now, they’re a staple for gardeners and outdoor architects. Their seamless installation offers customers a hassle-free solution to unsightly walls or stairwells. If you’re a low-maintenance homeowner, our brick lights are the answer to minimal upkeep.

Built to withstand the test of time, these products are constructed using robust materials. They’ll be a long-term part of your property, enhancing security in low-visibility areas. Use them along pathways or even around the perimeter of your home for extra peace of mind.

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