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Outdoor Lighting for Summer

Outdoor Lighting for Summer

 Summer is just around the corner, and you might be thinking about starting to spend more time in the garden. You may spend the days tending to your plants or catching some rays, but what about the evenings? When there is a lack of daylight, it can be harder to enjoy your garden at night time - and there are many benefits to using your garden at night, such as the peaceful atmosphere. One way that you can increase your use of the garden in the evening is to install outdoor lighting. There are many different types of outdoor lighting to choose from, including solar lights, driveway lights, wall sconces and fairy lights, to suit every design and need. 

Why choose LED for your outdoor lighting?

LED lighting is the best type of lighting for outdoor use, because of its power and functionality. LEDs can withstand tough weather conditions and will not shatter or break, making them ideal for the British weather. LEDs are brighter, making them safer to use on dark pathways where you need to see where you are going. Another benefit of LEDs is the choice of style - you could opt for coloured wall lights, fence lights or even integrated decking lighting to help you make the most of your decked area. LED lights are low-cost and cheap to run which means that you can switch them on more regularly, without worrying about an impact on your energy bills. Lights can be installed with motion detectors so that they are only in use when people are in the area. 

Patio Lights

 Patio lighting is incredibly versatile and can really transform a space when it is done correctly. A statement central fixture will illuminate the whole garden and can influence the design of the rest of your patio. One idea is to wrap string lights around your table parasol. If you have quite a modern garden, a pendant fixture can act as a focal point. If your garden has more of a retro feel, an old-fashioned lantern using modern LED lights can match the old with the new to create synergy. One of the most popular ways to light a patio is to use wall lights along the fence panels. You can either place these in the walls themselves or attach them to the top. Spotlights can work great for this. 

Decking Lights

If your garden has a decking area, you may want to begin enjoying it at night time by using decking lights. The most popular form of decking lights are the recessed decking lights which are installed into the floor, casting a brightly lit glow. Recessed lights usually have a glass or stainless steel finish. Some other places you can put lighting on your decking includes strip lighting up the stairs, lighting under the handrails or wall lights on the outside of the house if your deck is attached to the house that way. 

Decorative Lights

Placing lights around your garden decoratively can make the area look more pleasing to the eye and more inviting to your guests. The decorative lighting really comes into its own when you're holding a BBQ or a party in the summer which goes late into the night, as you can transform the garden and wow your guests at the flick of a switch. One of the most popular types of decorative garden lighting is string lights. These pretty lights twinkle like stars and there's no limit to where you can hang them - you could intertwine them with tree branches, drape them across fence panels or even wrap them around your chairs. The beauty of choosing LED for your decorative lights is that they come in many different colours, so you can change the colour to fit with your party theme or keep them a warm white for a relaxing vibe. 

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