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10 ways to discreetly light up your home with extrusion profiles

10 ways to discreetly light up your home with extrusion profiles

Published on: 16.01.2019

What are Extrusion Profiles?

Cased around LED strip lighting, the LED aluminium profile can give a more polished and professional look to your statement lighting. As well as this, it can protect the strip light itself from getting damaged and dusty. Extrusion profiles come in a variety of sizes, so if you’re trying to cover strip lights in hard to reach or narrow spaces, we have you covered.

LED Strip Lighting vs LED Strip Exclusion Profiles

Man installing led strip lighting

Strip lighting alone can be a great way to highlight a space in your home. Available in a range of colours, they’re perfect for under TV stands, kitchen cabinets and so much more. One of the downsides to strip lighting, however, is their appearance. They can look out of place, jagged and a bit of an eyesore. With an LED extrusion profile, this lighting technique can be streamlined to suit your decorative needs.

With an LED aluminium profile, your strip lighting can become transformed into something straight from a magazine. With a polished appearance, this product can actually transform your space from DIY to high spec in no time.

bed headboard led extrusion profile

10 ways use extrusion profiles at home

1. Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking to update your kitchen without the added pressure of buying new appliances, then an LED strip aluminium profile could be the perfect option for you. Placed under and above cabinets to produce mood lighting, your kitchen will look modern and chic in no time.

kitchen lit up with led extrusion profiles

2. Wardrobe Lighting 

Perfect for those dull mornings, an aluminium profile for LED strip lighting can light up your wardrobe in a way that’s elegant, enabling you to find what you need quickly and easily. You can also use a hanging rail for an even easier installation.

wardrobe led hanging rail

3. TV Stand

One of the biggest interior design trends of the last few years is LED lights incorporated into TV stands. When done right, the TV can really stand out in the room, making it the focal point of any decor.

shelves and cabinets in living room lit up with led aluminium extrusion profiles

4. Bookshelf

If you would rather highlight another aspect of your home, then an LED strip light extrusion would look perfect on your bookshelves. They can illuminate your books, DVD's and more. The uniform look of these lights will have your bookshelf looking great with minimal effort.

5. Drawers

An interesting way you can incorporate aluminium profiles for LED tape or strip lights into your bedroom is by adding them to your drawers. Not only does this look amazing, but it means you can find the clothes you need in the dark without having to turn all the lights on and wake up your partner in the dark mornings before work.

drawer with led lights

6. Feature Wall

Looking for something a little more drastic? Feature walls are becoming futuristic with LED installations, and strip lights are the perfect way to do this on a budget. Use them to line the walls and ceiling to frame either a gallery wall or a statement art piece.

7. Under seats

Another innovative idea is using LED extrusion profiles underneath your furniture. This gives ordinary furniture a unique look which you will rarely see anywhere else.

8. Stairs

Aluminium profiles for LED tape lights are great to use when you’re adding strip lights to your staircase. Used to bring sophistication and elegance to any home, this type of lighting is pegged to be a big design trend in 2019.

staircase illuminated by led extrusion profiles

9. Decking

If you’re looking to bring a spark to your garden before summer lands here in the UK, you might want to consider cheaper options that can really make your garden pop. LED Strip lights placed under decking can really draw the eye and make an area of your garden stand out.

10. Statement Garden

If you’re not into the idea of adding strip lights to your decking, why not consider adding them to your garden furniture or plants beds? Much like the idea of adding the lights to your indoor furniture, adding them to your patio furniture will create a similar vibe.

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