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LED wardrobe lights: 5 ideas for every closet

LED wardrobe lights: 5 ideas for every closet

Finding an outfit is a daily struggle: searching your wardrobe for something that looks good and feels comfortable can be difficult if your space is dimly lit. How else will you decide which shirt goes with what jacket?

Before long, you’ll give up optimising your wardrobe and pile your clothes in the corner of your bedroom. Well, we say: no more! Light Supplier can tell you how to use LED wardrobe lights for better organisation and practicality. 

Browse our five best ideas for illuminating your closet and check out our high-quality LED wardrobe light product recommendations. 

Are LED lights good for closets?

Yes, LED wardrobe lights are a safe, energy-efficient and customisable way to increase visibility in your wardrobe. Traditionally, wardrobes are small structures or rooms that do not require much illumination to light up. 


LED wardrobe lights provide an energy-saving solution that won’t add to your monthly electricity bill. Unlike living room spotlights or lamps required through the night, they won't be on for endless hours. Moreover, you’ll only need these to be functional when rummaging through your clothes. 

Give off less heat

Their innovative heat sink design means they give off much less heat energy than traditional incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs. As a result, they’re an incredibly safe option for minimising fire risks and keeping the contents of your closet safe. 

Range of styles

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to their brightness, colour temperature and designs. Browse a range of cool and warm products, some with minimalist, contemporary designs and others with more ornate fixings for period homes. 

What colour LED is best for closets?

While the perfect colour temperature for your wardrobe will depend on your preferences, we recommend fixtures that emit a temperature between 3000-4000k. These LEDs will offer clean, white illumination, allowing you to see your garments in all their glory. 

Cool temperatures (5000k+) may create an unflattering effect on any mirrors in your closet, and warm temperatures (1000-2700k) could make the environment appear yellow. In comparison, 3000-4000k diodes mimic natural lighting and help you avoid clashing prints or colours. 

  1. Invest in an LED extrusion

This LED Aluminium Extrusion is an ingenious solution to any wardrobe issues. If you have a particularly small closet, an LED hanging rail light is the perfect task lighting for identifying outfits quickly. 
You can even purchase built-in pir sensors so that your lighting can switch on and off with the opening/closing of the wardrobe door. This LED rail comes with 60 LEDs per metre, meaning you get the most illumination for the small price of £29.40. 

2. Install motion sensor lights

Speaking of sensors, the Udine LED Wardrobe Lighting With Sensor will instantly transform your closet from dim to bright. 
Coming in a natural white 4500k colour temperature, the Udine LED wardrobe light is controlled by an infrared switch, automatically switching the light on and off. It’s the ultimate solution for those needing their morning routine to be quicker and more convenient!

3. Illuminate the bottom of your wardrobe

You could incorporate a product like the IP67 Round Spot LED Plinth Light Kit into the bottom of your closet for extra glamour. Plinth lights work best with larger walk-in wardrobes, where they can create a warm, inviting atmosphere. 
While they don’t strictly illuminate your clothing, they add an extra layer of lighting to your room a more subtle, understated, yet elegant look. 

4. Try LED strip lights! 

LED strip lights offer incredibly quick installation and are an affordable, energy-efficient way to add excitement to your closet. 
Products like the RBG IP65 Waterproof Colour Changing LED Tape create millions of colour combinations and can inject fun into any walk-in wardrobe. At just £19.56 for 1 metre of tape, you get 30 premium diodes compatible with our RF remote control and dimmer.


5. Incorporate a statement pendant light

Go all out and splurge on a statement pendant light for your wardrobe. If you’ve got the space, you may as well use it! At Light Supplier, we stock intricate products like the Hex Chrome Industrial Style Pendant for contemporary closet decors. 
Its angular shape and geometric design will provide a point of interest while providing ample illumination for your clothing racks, drawers or countertops. 


Choose Light Supplier for Premium LED Wardrobe Lights! 

With so many options available, finding the right products for your home can take time and effort. That’s why we’re on hand to help. Light Supplier offers affordable, energy-efficient solutions for stylish homes needing LED lights. 

Use our ideas for inspiration and begin your dream wardrobe lighting plan today. Incorporate cost-effective LED light strips, extrusions, plinth lights and motion sensor products to create the best environment for you.

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