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Using Flexible LED Tape in Christmas Decorations

Using Flexible LED Tape in Christmas Decorations


Flexible LED tape is one of our favourite products, and it's not hard to see why - it fits wherever it is needed, provides a soft glow and illuminates all the way along its length, meaning it’s the perfect choice for indirect lighting or targeted illumination.

Lining the underside of a bookshelf with it creates an eye-catching feature, as does using it in kitchen work surfaces, small nooks and crannies and other awkward areas that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to light effectively.

What makes it extra-special this time of year is the ability to fit it perfectly into your Christmas decorations. It’s a simple flexible band of individual LEDs, so the resemblance to Christmas fairy lights is obvious, and its long life and durable build means it will stand up and shine long after the fairy light bulbs have blown out.

Using Flexible LED Tape in Christmas Decorations

LED tape is easy to work into a festive theme, especially when used cleverly with other decor. Our white LEDs cast a snowy, wintery light that is great for decorating use in modern, icy colour schemes and in conjunction with brumal blues, whites, pale greens and pastels.

If you fancy a warmer theme, we also stock gold LEDs that will shine with a cosier, more warming golden light, and fit in brilliantly as part of a more traditional or rustic Christmas decoration scheme – the soft gold light perfectly complements reds, earthy tones, golds and deep greens, and can create a very royal atmosphere when paired with deep blues or purples, too.

Colours aside, you can consider combining these flexible LED lights with tinsel or ribbon, winding them around each other to create a flexible, light-up decoration that can be tastefully arranged around a tree or laid on the mantelpiece, around other decorations or over furniture to create a gorgeous light feature.

If you decorate with a manger or centrepiece, our LED tape will also be able to wind in wherever it is needed to highlight the piece and make it stand apart, giving it a pleasant glow in soft light and really completing the decoration.

Lastly, a ring of LED tape placed in the bottom row of branches for your Christmas tree will cast the presents underneath in a soft glow, illuminating them and tastefully drawing attention to them. It wouldn’t do to forget about them with the big day just around the corner!

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