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LED Lights Can Now Broadcast Internet

LED Lights Can Now Broadcast Internet


As if there weren't enough benefits to using LED lighting, there is now a type of LED lighting which can broadcast internet. The technology is currently being tested in an office in France and if it is successful, it could produce data which is faster and more secure than wifi. 

The light resembles a standard LED fixture, but is equipped with a small modem which makes the light flicker at a speed which cannot be picked up by the human eye. The light is then picked up by a tablet or computer using a USB attachment. The technology is piloted by Phillips Lighting and if it is successful, it could become a standard feature on all types of LED lighting. The technology is geared towards offices, as it means they will be able to benefit from energy efficient LED lighting and a secure internet network with a stable connection which is faster than wifi. 

The technology has been named LiFi, and it is short for Light Fidelity. Whilst the name and technology are similar to wifi, there are differences. Wifi can only work via radio waves and has difficulty reaching through walls. It can also interfere with equipment in hospitals. LiFi does not have these problems and also has an extra layer of security as it can't be accessed without being in a direct line of sight to the bulb. The speed is as much as 5 gigabytes per second, enough to stream several HD videos and have a video call all at once. 

Here are some of the other benefits of using LED lighting in an office:

  • LEDs require around 80% less power to run than other types of bulbs - reducing energy costs.
  • LED bulbs are low maintenance - their long lifespan means that they rarely need to be replaced. 
  • Proper lighting makes employees more productive, whilst dull, flickering lighting can make them feel depressed and affect eyesight.
  • LED can replicate daylight for a brighter more effective light.
  • LED bulbs can be recycled and do not need to be disposed of as toxic waste.
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