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LED Light Therapy: What You Need to Know

LED Light Therapy: What You Need to Know

Beauty insiders are using LED lights to transform their skin. The treatment is being provided by beauty therapists and is really taking off in the UK. If you have problem skin (whether that's with wrinkles, acne or inflammation) there might be an LED lighting treatment for you. The different colours of light can help with various issues.

How did LED Light Therapy Start?

Believe it or not, LED light therapy was discovered in the 70s by NASA. Scientists found that LEDs could stimulate plant growth to grow vegetables in space and subsequently, this revealed that the lights could have a similar effect on the skin. This is because LEDs stimulate mitochondria (also known as cell fuel) and boost the levels of collagen production which is a lovely way to keep the skin looking plump and younger. 

What does LED Light Therapy do for the skin?

The light penetrates the skin and helps to eliminate bacteria and plump out lines, for results that are noticeable. It's important to note that LED lights do not penetrate the skin as much as a laser, so results can take a couple of months, but there is less risk of scarring and no recovery time required, so you can have several sessions. 

Colours and Treatments


Yellow Light - Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Yellow light reduces redness and inflammation which can cause wrinkles, whilst boosting your circulation. It can improve the density of your skin by stimulating the cells rejuvenation process. Your skin's density is the thing that drops when you get older, causing fine lines. 

Green Light - Pigmentation

If you struggle with dark circles, pigmentation, sunspots and broken capillaries, green light treatment is for you. It also works for irritated or over-stimulated skin. With mesotherapy, this is highly recommended by dermatologists if your skin is sun damaged.

Blue Light - Acne

Blue light works to eliminate the bacteria which is known for causing spots. You can use blue light by itself but it is most powerful when combined with red light. When the two colours are used together, the lights kill bacteria and help the skin to heal. 

Red Light - Inflammation

Wavelengths from red lights can disable the triggers of inflammation. Inflammation is often a symptom of acne, rosacea and pigmentation. This is why you'll usually find a red light used in most forms of LED light therapy, as it is multi-functional. 

At Home Devices

You can also buy at-home light devices for therapy, although they are less for the skin and more for wellbeing as a whole. Dawn stimulation lights are used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder and can be just as effective as anti-depressants. People who tested the devices reported a 57% increase in mood and sleep patterns. 

Does Light Therapy Work for Sensitive Skin?


Yes, LED light therapy is suitable for sensitive skin. It does not leave your skin red or inflamed, and you don't need time to heal. You could get the treatment on your lunch hour!

Would you consider using LED light therapy to treat your skin? 

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