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How to Use LED Extrusions/Profiles

How to Use LED Extrusions/Profiles

Here is a run-down of everything that you need to know about LED Extrusions/Profiles, and how to use them in your home or place of work:

What is a LED Extrusion?

LED extrusions are a type of casing which is designed to house LED strip lights. The extrusions are usually made of aluminium, which allows them to safely contain the LED lighting. The finished result of using an extrusion is that they tend to look more 'finished' than an unhoused strip of LED lighting, which is ideal if you're placing the lighting in an area that can easily be seen. There is no difference between an LED Extrusion and an LED profile, they are simply different names for the same thing. 

What are the benefits of using LED Extrusions?

The main benefit of using an extrusion around your LED lighting is that it prevents damage. If the strip of lighting is placed in an area that comes into contact with people, the strip will prevent it from getting damaged. Although aluminium extrusions are not waterproof, they can also prevent moisture from damaging the strip. For full protection from water, consider using LED tape. At Light Supplier, you can get a variety of extrusions including narrow extrusions designed to fit into hard-to-reach areas. 

Where to use them?

Aluminium extrusions can enhance the appearance of LED strip lighting in a variety of areas throughout the home and workplace. You can use them around your ceiling, behind your television to illuminate it, in the bathroom above your sink, in your wardrobe or above drawers. The great thing about strip lighting is that it is so versatile, and you can use extrusions to really finish it off with a professional touch. You can also cut the extrusions to the size that you need, rather than worrying about which size to order.

How to install LED Extrusions

There are two ways to fix extrusions. You can use countersink screws to fix it in place, straight into the extrusion, or use fixing brackets which you can clip the extrusion on to. 

If you're planning to use strip lighting in your lighting design, then there is no better way to finish it off than by using an aluminium extrusion. Browse our full range to find the best extrusion for your space.

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