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How Many LED Downlights Per Room Calculator

How Many LED Downlights Per Room Calculator

Are you redecorating your ceiling with LED downlights? If so, you might struggle with quantities: how many should you use, and how many are too many? 

Luckily, Light Supplier is here to help. If you’ve been wondering how many LED downlights to use per room, we can provide you with all the necessary calculations and measurements. Simply follow along with each step and apply them to the room you’re looking to light up.

How many LED downlights do I need per room?

How many downlights do I need? This is a commonly asked question that depends on factors unique to your home. To accurately determine how many downlights are most appropriate for your room, you need to consider the following:

  • The size of the area or room
  • The intensity of light your area needs
  • The light output of your chosen downlights

Light output is measured in lumens. For example, our Napoli Under Cabinet Rechargeable LED Battery Lights have a lumen output of 110 lm. However, light intensity is measured in lux: the amount of light (or lumens) that falls onto a surface over any square foot. 

To work out the average light intensity your room requires, use our simple calculation based on your room’s measurements.

Lumens Per Light (lm) ÷ Area of Room (m2) x Number of Lights (quantity) = Average Light Level in Lux

For example, take our Baloubet Young Living LED Ceiling Track Spotlights.


Each light has a lumen output of 350 lm for a total lumen output of 1750 lm. If you were to purchase only one of these fixtures, this would be the average light level of your room: 

1750 lm ÷ 20m2 x 5 = 436 lux

However, if you’re looking to use two of these fixtures in your kitchen, this will be the average light level of your room in lux will increase, making your room more illuminated: 

1750 lm ÷ 20m2 x 10 = 875 lux

You could even use our Lumen Calculator!

Lumen Calculator
Use our Lumen Calculator to work out the lighting levels of your room.
0 lux

But how do you know what the appropriate downlight levels are for each room in the home?

How much light do you need in a room?

LED downlights are generally used as task lighting, either under cabinets or on the ceiling. Whether you’re using them in your bedroom or bathroom, all LED lighting is measured in lumens.

Type of Lighting 

Light Intensity (Lux Level)


Low Lighting

15 lux or less 

Security lights, street lights, outdoor pathway/driveway lighting 

Basic Lighting

15 - 100 lux 

Car parks, hallways, stairwells, lifts, 

General Lighting

100 - 250 lux

Cafes, dining areas, lobbies, restrooms 

Task Lighting

250 - 600 lux

Retail shops, factories, kitchens, office desk lighting 

Intense Lighting

over 600 lux

Areas where intricate, detailed work is being carried out 


So just one of our Baloubet Young Living LED Ceiling Track Spotlights, with five 350 lm lights, would produce 436 lux in a 20m2 kitchen, falling within the appropriate task lighting bracket for kitchens. 

You can apply this calculation to any room, so long as you know its dimensions in metres squared. However, there are some factors that this calculation cannot take into account, such as:

  • The specific layout of your space (the closer you are to your lights, the more intense the light level will be) 
  • Lights spilling over into nearby rooms
  • Your surface’s reflectivity (light walls and floors deflect light, dark walls and floors absorb light)

How far apart should downlights be placed?

By now, you may have worked out how many downlights you need to purchase and the light intensity your room requires, but how far apart should they be placed? 

Here at Light Supplier, we recommend measuring your ceiling height in metres. 

Then, divide this by two to determine the space you should keep between each downlight. However, always place your downlights one metre from the ceiling’s edge to ensure you get the most out of your new fixtures.

Choose Light Supplier for High-Quality Downlights!

If our guide to downlights has made your life easier, why not check out our premium products? 

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