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5 Spring Decor Ideas With Lights

5 Spring Decor Ideas With Lights

With the new season comes a chance to freshen up your space; spring calls for blossoming flowers, pastels, and a bright and airy home. 

Switching up your home lighting setup can make a huge difference when decorating for spring. Today, we will guide you through some spring decor lighting ideas to revitalise your space. 

From enchanting kitchen lighting to chic pendant lamps, your home will be spring-ready in no time!

1. LED Strip Lights for Vibrant Accent Walls

Springtime calls for the implementation of vibrant colours and minimalist lighting. 

Highlight architectural features, coved ceilings, or recessed walls with colour-changing strip lights to adjust the setup for various seasons. 

For springtime, opt for soft pinks, fresh greens, or bright yellow light bulbs, which will blend cohesively with your floral arrangements.

2. Modern Pendant Lights for a Fresh Kitchen

Freshen up your kitchen this spring with a stunning pendant light. 

These can be placed above a kitchen island or a dining table to provide ambient lighting for late night dinners or tea parties.

Opt for clear or lightly tinted glass shades to keep your space feeling open and airy. Our light seafoam green Globe Pendant Light Shade is the perfect spring feature. Coordinate this with fresh pastel walls or spring-themed table settings for a playful look.

3. Solar-powered garden Lights for a Lush Outdoor Oasis

Make the most of the lighter days and shorter nights with outdoor solar lights. 

Our Trio Lighting Post Light is ideal for illuminating garden walkways, flower beds, and decking areas. It harnesses power during the day to illuminate at night.

You could also place them around the perimeter of your garden to highlight spring blooms and lush greenery.

4. Chic Under-Cabinet Lighting to Brighten Kitchens

Does your kitchen feel dull and empty? If so, under-cabinet lighting can make a world of difference. 

These offer a sleek and stylish look and can be placed to illuminate worktops or spring decor such as vases, Easter ornaments, and floral displays. 

Choose warm white LEDs to enhance the natural colours of spring vegetables and fruits. For a soft glow, place these lights on the top of your cupboard to illuminate the season for a sense of depth. 

5. Outdoor Pendant Lights for Charming Spring Evenings

As the warmer weather rolls in, everyone is getting their gardens ready for all the spring activities ahead. 

No garden party is complete without the perfect lighting feature ot two. For a cosy ambient setting, our Trio Lighting Brenta Outdoor Rustic Style Pendant Light produces a cascading glow for spring gatherings with family and friends. 

Simply hang this onto a pergola or gazebo to add a magical glow to your dining area. You could even get creative and paint the shade in vibrant colours for a springtime charm. 

Invest in Spring Lighting with Light Supplier

At Light Supplier, we supply a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting for various occasions, homes, and seasons. 

Rejuvenate your home in time for the spring with a lighting feature that you can rely on. LED lighting is energy efficiency and long-lasting, meaning our products will last you many springs to come.

Browse our lighting today and turn your home into an enchanting place of light and shadows. 

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