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5 driveway lighting ideas for your home

5 driveway lighting ideas for your home

Driveway lighting is the perfect solution for an illuminated and modern driveway. 

Many homeowners are beginning to add lighting to their front path for functionality and an aesthetic appeal for their property. 

At Light Supplier, we have a range of outdoor lighting, perfect for displaying at the front of your home. Stick with us for 8 smart lighting ideas to upgrade your driveway. 

The importance of driveway lighting

Driveway lighting is not only a practical addition to the home, but it adds a modern and sleek touch to the exterior of your property. 

Well-lit driveways prevent accidents from happening, illuminating obstacles and uneven surfaces to make parking safer and more efficient. This can also prevent potential burglaries as the lights create a better image for surveillance cameras.

Properties with well-lit driveways can enhance the value, as quality lighting adds to the property's overall worth, appealing to potential buyers. 

So, not only are you gaining the short-term benefits, but with driveway lights, you are investing in the long-term financial gains of your home. 

Things to consider before choosing driveway lighting

When choosing the lighting design for your driveway, you want to ensure that you are receiving functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

For this, consider the size and layout of your garden. Ensure that crucial areas and dark spots are well-lit to prevent safety hazards. Focus on illuminating pathways, borders, or focal points for a safe and cohesive look. 

Choose lighting that compliments the architecture and style of your home for a harmonious look. Consider adding a modern lighting system for a well-designed driveway if you have a more modern home. 

However, it's important to factor in your budget, considering the upfront cost of the fixtures and the installation cost. For lower energy bills, solar-powered or LED lights offer more energy efficiency. 

5 driveway lighting ideas

1. Bollard lights

Bollard lights are short, vertical posts, perfect for a modern home. These are ideal for illuminating paths, gardens, and driveways, providing ample lighting for safety and security. 

Adequately space your bollard lights apart for consistent and effective lighting and ensure they are weather-resistant for outdoor use. 

800mm Hoosic IP44 Rated Outdoor Bollard Light - Non PIR

2. LED strip lights

Strip lights are the perfect option for a simple and effective look.

Add your LED strip lights along the edges of your driveway for a futuristic, run-way look, or 

drape them along the walls of your home for a sleek finish. You could also add them to decorative elements of your garden for a unique look. 

LED bulbs are energy-efficient, perfect for those looking for budget driveway lighting. They can be cut to length, allowing you to personalise your lighting to your needs. 

LED Strip Light Kit - 12V 60 LED

3. Garden spike lights

If you’re looking for a minimalistic yet effective lighting system for your driveway, then garden spike lights are a perfect choice. 

Their installation is easy and quick, perfect for a temporary instalment or a permanent look. Available in various designs and sizes, spike lights can compliment any home exterior, adding character and style to your property. 

You simply insert them into the grass in your driveway for an illuminated path, enhancing features like plants, trees, and ornaments. 

Adjustable IP44 Outdoor Spike Light

4. Wall-mounted lights

If you prefer a more overhead light source, wall-mounted lighting is the perfect way to illuminate your driveway whilst maintaining your style. 

These come in various designs, from traditional lanterns for a vintage look to modern LED fixtures; there’s something for everyone! 

They enhance visibility, providing safe navigation for vehicles and pedestrians while protecting your home from intruders. 

Argyll - Outdoor Wall Light LED Lantern With PIR

5. Pendant lighting (overhead)

For those who love a hanging light feature, pendant lights are the perfect way to create the driveway of your dreams. 

Pendant lights add a whimsical and elegant feel to your home, covering a larger surface as they are placed higher up, perfect for widespread illumination and enhanced visibility. 

These can be suspended over the area, draped from trees or placed on specially constructed posts for a safer alternative. 

Gotham 6 Light Drop Industrial Pendant Lighting

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