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5 DIY Light Ideas for Your Bed Headboard

5 DIY Light Ideas for Your Bed Headboard

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and your safe place. Decorating it with pretty lights and comfortable elements can uplift the space, making it more cosy and enjoyable. 

Lighting plays a key part in creating an ambient atmosphere, and getting creative with it can add fun to your bedroom. Today, Light Supplier will walk through five DIY light ideas for your headboard. 

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1. Fairy Light Fantasy

Fairy lights are a popular choice for bedroom lighting. They’re easy to install and perfect for a children's bedroom. 

Whether you prefer a subtle twinkle or a captivating cascade, these lights can be arranged in various ways to complement your personal style. You could opt for a border around the headboard, a zig-zag pattern, or a draped look. 

Fasten them in place with hooks or nails, gently placing the lights around them. Allow some slack in the sling if you want to create a draped look.

2. Industrial Chic with LED Strips

Adopt a modern and sleek look for your home with LED strip lights

This is ideal for those who love a minimalist interior. With their adhesive back, these are quick and simple to install. You could add them around the edge of your headboard, place them in a specific pattern, or lay them out in horizontal strips. 

Strip lights can be cut to various lengths, allowing you to customise the layout. For a clean look, opt for warm-coloured bulbs. If you prefer a fun approach, choose colour-changing bulbs with smart LED strip lights

3. Fabric and Light Canopy

Have you ever dreamed of having a room similar to the ones in fairy books? If so, a bed canopy can make this dream come true.

Whether you want to uplift your children’s bedroom or do something for your inner child, this is the perfect choice. Choose a sheer fabric or tulle and install a hook into the ceiling for it to drape from. 

Attach your string lights at intervals along your fabric using a clear finishing line or thin wire. You could also hang the lights from a hook on the ceiling, draping them over the fabric. For an extra whimsical touch, you could glue fake flowers or leaves to the fabric. 

4. Vintage Lantern Charm

With the vintage style back in fashion, many homeowners are opting for vintage or rustic-inspired lights for their homes. 

Wall lanterns are the perfect way to add old-fashioned charm to your bedroom. For those with a high headboard, you could install them at the top corners of the board or flank them on either side of your bed.

Our Gotham Industrial Style light is the perfect choice. If you prefer something more simplistic, our Black Caged Wall light nods to traditional design with a touch of modern flare. 

5. Flush Plinth Lights

Integrated lighting adds a magical touch to any room. Our plinth lights sit flush with the surface, creating a gentle glow. 

Measure your bed frame or headboard to determine the number of lights you will need. You want enough lights to create an even, ambient glow. Since this requires some wiring, it’s best to contact a professional for the installation. 

You could position the plinth lights in random order or create shapes with them, such as stars or letters. If your bed is positioned near a wall, install plinth lights along the back edge for a beautiful backlit effect.

With a choice between strip lights and round spotlights, the opportunities are endless. 

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