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5 Best Backyard Garden Lighting Ideas

Introducing Light Supplier’s seven best backyard garden lighting ideas! Creating an outdoor paradise is no easy task: designing your garden takes a lot of work, time and effort, but we know you’re up to the challenge. 

LED garden lighting means you can make the most of your garden, day or night. It can create an unmistakable ambience, illuminate your favourite spaces and provide extra security. 

So, what’s stopping you? Check out Light Supplier’s seven best backyard garden lighting ideas and start your design journey on a high. 

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Before we begin, we must ask the question: what are the benefits of outdoor lighting? Investing in outdoor LEDs may be a costly experience, depending on the size of your garden. So knowing the advantages in advance will only make your decisions easier: 

  • Increase Property Value: Premium garden lighting can increase your property's price tag if you choose to put it on the housing market. Bespoke, complimentary outdoor lights will attract buyers and put your home head and shoulders above the competition. 
  • Extra Security: Garden lighting is beautiful and highly functional: LEDs, like floodlights, can deter thieves and burglars by creating a well-lit space with few places to hide. 
  • Enhance Landscape: Outdoor lighting can enhance your garden’s natural beauty. Night and day, you can entertain family, friends and spend much-needed time relaxing under the stars. 

5 Garden Lighting Ideas

1. Illuminate focal points

Do you want to create separate areas within your garden? 

You don’t need to use fences to zone: illuminate focal points with garden lighting! Products like our PIR Remote Control Slimline LED Flood Lights are excellent for drawing attention to specific parts of your garden. 

For example, you could draw attention to an outdoor seating area. With remote control floodlights, your family, friends and guests will eat their meals in the dazzling light of a 4000K natural white integrated LED.

Or, you could brighten up a more secluded area. Overhanging trees in your garden will likely create darkness with their lush, full branches. Floodlights can shine light onto these areas and highlight the natural beauty of your trees. 

2. Light up your pathway!

Roll out the red carpet and create a dazzling LED pathway. If you’re navigating your garden during the night, you need to see where you’re going. Products like our Square LED Decking Lights can create a dazzling effect for a low cost. 

LED decking lights can enhance the overall atmosphere of your garden, no matter the occasion. Are you hosting a late-evening outdoor party? Lead your guests through your garden and onto your glamorous, illuminated decking. 

Decking lights also add an extra element of safety. They make your garden more accessible at night and highlight any objects or debris that could trip you up. Plus, decking lights can ward off potential burglars looking to access your home undetected.  

3. Draw focus towards your plants!

One of the most subtle backyard garden lighting ideas is drawing focus to your outdoor plants. Not all additions need to be dramatic: sticking Spike Lights within your larger potted plants can elevate their natural beauty. 

When the days grow shorter and colder, you may not get enough time to appreciate your foliage. Spike lights are endlessly versatile and, depending on your plants, can be used in several creative ways.

For example, you can create feature lighting by dotting them around your garden soil. Create patterns within your flowerbed or make a pathway through your lawn for guests to follow. 

4. Add a splash of colour!

Inject personality into your garden by mounting high-quality LED RGB Wall Washers

Colour-changing wall lights are an excellent way to highlight the architectural features of your home. Their impressive brightness can accentuate entrances, artwork: and anything you’re particularly keen to show off! 

Wall washers can create a beautiful, uniform wash of colour in all weather conditions. They are durable, weatherproof and energy efficient: who doesn’t want to save money on their electricity bills? 

5. Make things modern!

Do you feel as if your garden is missing that extra element of glamour? Your walls may feel too flat or plain. Don’t worry: Light Supplier has just the solution. Products like our Twin IP44 Exterior Wall Lights add an extra dimension of lighting to the exterior of your home. 

They can increase the safety of your garden during the night, highlighting entrances and exits. They’re a low-cost, no-hassle way to give your outdoor paradise the modern feel it deserves. 

Wall lights are versatile and available in a variety of styles. So whether your design preferences border on the traditional or contemporary, you’re bound to find the right product to complement your style.

Get Premium Outdoor Lighting with Light Supplier! 

If you’ve enjoyed Light Supplier’s backyard garden lighting ideas, try them out in your home! We stock an impressive range of Outdoor Lighting products: from Decking Lights to Garden Spike Lights, LED Wall Lights to LED Flood Lights, we have everything you need to construct the perfect outdoor atmosphere.
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