TV LED Lights Kit (backlit) - Cool White

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TV LED Lights Kit - Cool White

The new LED Strip kit from Sycamore Lighting is perfect for illuminating your TV. It adds something extra to your TV and takes the whole room to the next level. This kit is easy to use and affordable.

LED TV light strips are a unique and creative way to enhance your experience whilst watching TV and to impress anyone that comes into your home. All eyes will instantly be drawn to the lighting for all the right reasons.

The LED light kit includes two high-quality and durable 2 x 500mm LED strips and a USB cable. The cable is used to connect the strips to your TV, and it makes the lights very easy to install and operate. The average lifetime of the lights in this kit is 30,000hrs, so it is a cost-effective option and saves you the inconvenience of regularly replacing the lights.

The colour of the light is cool white, which reduces your need to strain your eyes when you are watching TV in a dark room. So, if you notice your eyes become dry or itchy, or if you get headaches whilst watching TV, then this is the answer for you.

Strip lighting creates a more comfortable atmosphere in the room, which is perfect for when you want to relax. The light beams at an angle of 120 degrees, which allows for full coverage of the television and a warm shine around the TV.

Technical Specs

  • Powered by USB
  • Plugs directly into TV to operate
  • Reduces eye strain when watching TV in a dark environment
  • Includes 2 x 500mm LED strips in Cool White LED
  • LED strip width 8mm
  • Beam angle 120 degree
  • 3M self-adhesive tape
  • Input voltage: 5Vdc
  • Uses 2.5w of power
  • Includes on/off switch
  • IP65 rated

What are the benefits of LED TV Lights?

LED TV lights have many benefits. Firstly, they are aesthetically pleasing and can upgrade your room within seconds. When someone walks through the door, their eyes will instantly be on the lights and be left feeling impressed. They can help turn a boring TV into something creative and special.

Additionally, the cool white light is beneficial to your eyes. The contrast between a dark room and a bright TV can leave your eyes dry and itchy, and it can even give you a headache. LED TV lights are the answer to this, as they provide it makes the TV lights less harsh on your eyes. 

Also, the LED TV strip lights can create a more immersive experience whilst you are watching TV. Many users of this product report that they feel as though they are in the cinemas. 

How do I install LED TV lights? 

The kit that we sell comes with two 500mm LED strips, 3m of self-adhesive tape and a USB. Firstly, you should clean the back of your TV, and ensure that it is dust free. Then, you need to work out where you would like to place the LED lights, and then use the tape to stick them down. After, connect the USB to light up the diodes - and you are ready to go! This should take no longer than a few minutes. 

What size TV is the product suitable for?

The LED TV strip lights that we sell are 500mm, which is approximately 20 inches. You can use the lights on any size TV, as the light shines at a 120-degree angle, providing full coverage for your TV. Also, you could consider cutting the LED lights into shorter pieces and attaching them to each corner of the TV, or purchasing two sets. 

Can LED strip lights damage the TV?

LED strip lights do not damage the TV, and they are not dangerous. You will have no negative effects of using LED lights to light up around your TV.

Do LED TV lights use a lot of electricity? 

LED TV lights do not use much electricity. LED lights use 90% less electricity than traditional halogen and incandescent lights. This makes them a highly efficient way to light up your home. 

How do I connect the strip lights to the TV?

LED TV lights are quick and easy to connect to the TV. Simply plug in the USB cable provided in the box, and you should be set to go! 

Lighting Brand: Sycamore Lighting
SKU: SY7592
Wattage: 2.5 Watt
Voltage: 12V
Finish: Clear
Colour: Cool White
Colour Temperature: Cool White - 6000K
Average Lamp Life: 30,000hrs
Dimmable: No
IP Rating: IP65
Lamp Base: LED