LED Pendant Lights

Sublime ambient & contemporary ceiling pendant lighting for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms

The Light supplier Pendant Collection

The pendant and centrepiece lighting collection from Light Supplier has been carefully put together from the ranges of a number of designers, providers and artisans, making sure that every light in our pendant collection is a beautiful design piece in its own right.

Making use of LED pendant lights may be a stylish and artistic way to provide illumination without the obtrusive bulk of other light styles, but that doesn’t make them invisible – and very often, pendant lights form an important part of the interior design for the rooms they’re lighting!

The Light Supplier Pendant Collection contains a number of pieces which epitomise modern design and current cutting-edge trends, with warm and sleek designs in copper and glass providing a touch of elegant class to any room – while others in the collection are timeless classics and vintage which has never gone out of style.

Elegant, understated and simple, our collection of LED pendant lights is designed to hang neatly in any space, providing whatever lighting is needed. Characterised by slim, minimal cables and smooth lines that guide the eye effortlessly, they can complete the room in any way required – providing illumination where you want it either in a functional, practical sense, via highlighting a specific key feature, or by hanging in a wider space and providing a soft, ambient illumination.

No matter what choice you make, however, you’ll know that you’re working with an industry gold-standard supplier, with more than 15 years of experience in professional lighting.

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Lightsupplier LED Pendants

Able to fit into any style of decor, from sleek modern and contemporary design to comfortable and cosy rustic spaces or traditional and formal rooms, the pendant lighting collection from Lightsupplier is perfect for providing whatever lighting you need and tying together any decorated space.

Regardless of the style you choose, however, the Lightsupplier LEDs will provide an energy-efficient option that is cost-effective, long-lasting and safe for your home.

We believe that light is the quintessential element to interior design and the key to successful lighting is perfecting the blend of ambient, task and accent lighting.

To help you create this balance we have brought together a collection of stunning LED pendant lights as well as amazing centrepiece lighting specifically for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Using the latest lighting technology, including OSRAM LED, our collection creates perfect ambient light for any room.

What's more, each light in this collection is a beautifully crafted design piece in its own right. Some LED pendant lights epitomise current trends using contemporary materials such as copper and glass; others are timeless classics that will grace any interior.

Whatever you choose for your interiors, all come with the peace of mind that you are working with a trusted name with over 15 years experience in professional lighting.

Using LED pendant lights is a particularly beautiful way to light a room and create ambience, able to light a space with diffuse, atmospheric lighting, or highlighting a specific feature of a room in a way that is subtle and unobtrusive.

Lighting a room is one of the most important keynotes of interior design, and striking the right balance of practical lighting (or “task” lighting) with ambient and highlighting or “accent” lighting is the best way to go about it. To this end, we’ve launched our collection of gorgeous LED pendant lighting, designed specifically to provide the right balance of lighting to any kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

LED Technology

LED lighting is our speciality, and it holds a number of advantages over traditional lighting. With less waste heat, overall electricity consumption is lower, saving energy and money in the form of lighting bills – and with hardier bulbs that traditional incandescent, our LED pendant lights will keep going for longer, reducing maintenance and replacement costs even further.

LED lights also don’t heat up anywhere near as much as traditional incandescent lighting, meaning daring and beautiful lighting designs like copper-shaded and metal-shelled pendant lighting can be created, without the risk of burning that comes with traditional lighting.