Infra Red Swipe Sensor For Cabinet Lighting

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Light Supplier's new Infra Red Swipe Sensor gives you a discreet surface mountion application for automatic turning on & off of 12V cabinet lighting. Connnection Sycamore Lighting's plug and play system allows you to control your lights with the swipe of a hand. Easily installed using 2 screws and supplied with 2m of cable to allow you to decide where to locate your sensor. The unit comes complete with a 12 way distribution block so you can easily connect your cabinet lights.

Technical Soecs

  • Infra red swip sensor
  • Surface mounted


  • 22mm(w) x 8mm(h)
Wattage: 30W Maximum
Voltage: 12V
Sensor Type: Swipe Control
Cable Length: 2m