Hailo Euro-Cargo 40 Waste Bin, For Cabinet Width 400mm

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Hailo Euro-Cargo 40 Waste Bin, For Cabinet Width 400mm

We are conscious now more than ever about our enviroment and the waste we throw away each day affects our planet and the people we share it with. Recycling is now thankfully an everyday occurance and therefore our disposal systems have evolved over time to accomodate different types of waste. At lightsupplier.co.uk, we have brought together waste bins to suit every type of household, regardless of space, kitchen style or budget, you will find a recycling bin that works for your project.

The Euro-Cargo range of waste bins is a complete waste bin system for door front fixing cabinets.

Technical Specs

  • System includes its own runners for side fixing to cabinets and door front.
  • Designed to be withdrawn from the cabinet whilst the lid remains inside for use as shelf
  • Suitable for cabinets with 15/16 or 18/19mm board thickness
Waste Bin Brand: Hafele
Bin Description: Hailo Euro-Cargo Pull Out Waste Bin
Waste Bin Code: 503.70.921
Waste Bin Type: Side Mounted
Waste Bin Capacity: 42 litres
Bins Included: 1 x 35, 1 x 7 litres
Cabinet Width: 400mm
Installed Height: 545mm
Installed Depth: 528mm
Soft Close Bin: Yes
Cycles Tested: 100,000 cycles