Garden Spike Lights

Garden & Outdoor Lighting

Perfect for feature lighting in the garden, on the grounds or in any outdoor area, the Lightsupplier garden spike lights collection can be set up anywhere with grass or soft ground.

Simply drive the spike into the ground and the light is ready to go – free-standing, these small lights can then be arranged to provide the perfect illumination to an outdoor feature or point of interest, or deployed in a loose spacing to light up a wider space with ambient, low-level lighting, creating atmosphere and illuminating the space at the same time.

Per row: 5 4 3 2 1

Why Use LED Spike Lights?

Using LED bulbs, our outdoor Lights are much longer lasting than competing styles of light, requiring replacement far less frequently than halogen or incandescent – and they use far less electricity to run, too. As a result, you’ll save money twice with LED lighting, in their lower electricity bills and their less frequent replacements and maintenance.

LED outdoor lighting also output far less heat for their level of light than other light types, keeping their weatherproofing in good condition and keeping the light going long after other outdoor lights would have warped and become vulnerable to the elements.

Simply put, the Lightsupplier LED Lights are small, versatile outdoor lights that can be placed anywhere, last longer and cost less than incandescent or halogen bulbs – they’re the ideal choice for any outdoor feature lighting project.