Gaming Setup Lights: A Comprehensive Guide

Date Published: June 11th, 2021

Over the last few years, gaming has changed from a fun hobby to a full-time job for many streamers. Gaming setups are no longer drab and hidden away. Instead, they’re elaborate and colourful with LED lighting, state of the art gaming accessories and so much more. When it comes to gaming setup lights, top trends for 2021 include RBG LED lighting kits, which can light up your whole gaming room in an array of colours, and hands-free lighting such as Alexa geared products to really enrich the gaming experience. Below is our definitive guide to gaming setup lights for any budget.

LED Strip Lighting

One of the major gaming setup trends for the past few years has to be LED Strip Lighting. Available in a range of styles and colours, these lights can be customised to fit your desk or room and can be easily installed by anyone.

When added around the room’s ceiling, these lights can create a luminescent glow that requires very little additional lighting. If you opt for a colour changing LED strip lighting kit, you can change the ambience to match your mood.

RBG Standard Non IP Colour Changing LED Tape

RBG Standard Non IP Colour Changing LED Tape - Price From: £17.28

Smart Lighting

More for your gaming experience rather than the ambience itself, smart lighting can enhance your gaming thanks to its hands-free approach to lighting. Simply install a smart bulb that can pair with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices, and you can control the lighting in your room with just your voice. Want an in-depth guide on how to install smart lighting in your home? Check out our how-to article here.

LED GLS Bulb Colour Changing & CCT Smart WiFi Lamp

LED GLS Bulb Colour Changing & CCT Smart WiFi Lamp - Price: £12.60

Shelf Lighting

Opting for a more subtle lighting setup is a great opportunity to highlight some of your gaming collectables or even accessories such as headsets. If you stream, these will look great in the background of your setup! Shop our range of shelf lighting here. This type of lighting is a huge trend for gamers in 2021 looking to revamp their gaming setup lights. Starting from £12.73, shelf lighting is suitable for a wide range of budgets.

Sirius - Floating LED Shelf Lighting

Sirius - Floating LED Shelf Lighting - Price From: £98.88


Another great option for gamers on a budget is dimmer switches! With options starting at just under £20, dimmers can be installed into existing lighting setups and allow you to change the ambience to suit your desired effect.

Radio Wall Panel Remote Control For LED Lighting

Radio Wall Panel Remote Control For LED Lighting - Price From: £11.04

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