Make the first step to a smart home with Bluetooth smart lights

The range of smart lights with Bluetooth from Sycamore Lighting is a brand new range of energy efficient lighting that allows you to have fully automated wireless lighting control over different types of lights using your smart phone or tablet without the need for any additional receivers or remotes.

Every Bluetooth light bulb including the popular LED ceiling lights, LED lamps and LED cabinet lights can easily be turned on or off and also dimmed using the required app, taking you one step closer to having a smart home. All the different types of lighting in this range also have colour temperature capability, this allows them to be set at your desired colour temperature all the way from Cool White ( 6500K) all the way to Warm White (2700K), giving you the availability to choose the perfect lighting your mood.

Smart lights are a sought-after addition to many modern homes, as it adds an element of convenience. You can switch on all the lights in your home without looking for various switches.  A smart lighting system can seem expensive, but our smart light bulbs from Sycamore Lighting are a brand new affordable range, giving you home automation without the extensive price tag. This particular range of smart lights can be switched on or off, and can be dimmed using an app on your smartphone.

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About the app

This type of smart bulb requires no extra hub or wiring for the app to work and Wifi isn’t required. All you need for this wireless lighting system is a Bluetooth connection. The app used to control the smart lights is a free download by scanning the code that comes with your packaging. Once installed you are ready to control your chosen Bluetooth lights. You can fully personalise your lighting with the Sycamore Lighting Bluetooth Lighting Smart App. You can control your lights individually, or group them together to control more than one. Users will be in full control of their desired colour temperature.

Using the app couldn’t be simpler – all you have to do is slide to control the colour temperature and you’ll have customised lighting at your fingertips.

Bluetooth smart lightsWhat is available in the range?

This range has been launched with a wide variety of smart lights to choose from to set your scene, from ceiling lights, LED bulbs to LED under cabinet lighting. You can use the smart light bulbs in any room in the home, thanks to the various types of bulbs available including lamps and recessed bulbs. You can use the recessed smart bulbs in the kitchen under your cabinets. We also have smart link lights, which can be extended to line your kitchen island or even illuminate the back of your television. You can use our Bluetooth automation system to link it together, allowing you to control all of the lights in your home at once – with the best smart lights on the market.