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LED Lighting at the best prices in the UK!

Welcome to our LED Lights section.  On the left of this website you can see all the sub sections we have within LED lights.  With everything from Garden and Bathroom lighting to Plinth lights we are sure you'll find something to suit your needs.  However, if you don't find the product you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.  With a large warehouse we don't have every product online yet but it's likely we do have the product on our shelves and in stock ready for dispatch.


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Why Choose LED?

There are so many reasons for switch to LED. And to help our customers we have listed 10 of them below.

If you still have questions unanswered or simply wish to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department on 0800 334 5183. We are here to help you!

LED light bulbs have some very clear advantages over other types of lighting, such as:

  1. LED light bulbs last longer. Without a filament to break or burn out, LED light bulbs can last for over 100,000 hours without showing their age (that's over eleven years at full brightness). This lifespan is twice that of typical fluorescent bulbs and twenty times longer than incandescent light bulbs.
  2. They are energy efficient. An incandescent light bulb loses 80 percent of its energy to heat, leaving only the last 20 percent for light. LED light bulbs turn this around, giving up a scant 20 percent of their energy to heat loss. Not only that, but they operate at 10 to 20 percent of the power required for incandescent bulbs of similar brightness.
  3. LEDs are more colorful. LED light bulbs can be made in a vast array of colors without the use of extra filters, which brings down production costs. They also provide a truer, brighter color than a filtered bulb.
  4. LED light bulbs work in silence. The days of humming bulbs came to an end with the creation of LEDs, so there's no need to lose sanity listening to the thrum, tick, or ping of other light bulbs.
  5. They are incredibly safe. With so little energy lost to heat and so little energy used overall, LED light bulbs run cool, which means no burnt fingers or burnt down houses. They are extremely durable thanks to their solid-state construction, so there's no broken glass to deal with, either.
  6. LED light bulbs are focused. LEDs can be made to focus without the use of extra reflectors or lenses, which means less bulk and lower cost for the same beam of light.
  7. They are the best for dimming. Incandescent bulbs turn yellow when dimmed, while LED light bulbs retain their true colors.
  8. LEDs are versatile. Thanks to the wide array of colors and shapes LEDs be made to replace most any light bulb. Their diminutive size and power-sipping nature also open up a world of possibility, from infrared remote control lights to ultra-light headlamps.
  9. LED light bulbs bring light quickly. Lighting up to their full brightness in microseconds, LEDs are a safer choice when reaction time is a factor, like when that car in the fast lane slams on the brakes.
  10. They promise a brighter future. LED light bulbs don't contain mercury, like compact fluorescent bulbs do. Combining that with the fact that they outlast their energy efficient cousins, makes the choice to go LED clear as day.
  11. LED light bulbs have a staggering number of uses, and somehow they keep excelling at all of them. When it's time to shed light on the subject, this jack-of-all-trades masters all.

How To Make Best Use Of  LED Lighting

The different brightness, direction and colours available make LED lights a very versatile option. If you just want to use an LED as a ceiling light then it can do it for you easily with 'warm white' or 'soft white' LED bulbs.

You can also use LED lights to show off a feature, such as a priceless piece of artwork. LED lights can be targeted and focused on a particular area you want - this can make whatever you want stand out. Typical examples of this type of lighting are LED downlights.

LED striplights can be used in a multitude of different ways. For example, they can be linked up around a picture frame, they can be used around an entrance or exit...they can even be used as reusable Christmas lights!

Last, but not least are LED undercabinet lighting. Because LED lights are easily installed with simple cabling and drivers they can get into even the most awkward places such as stairs or hallways, to light up - our LED undercabinet lighting are very popular as they can transform how a room can look and improve its practicality. If you've got undercabinet lighting you won't need a flashlight to have a look inside or even have to turn on the main light ever again.