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LED Bathroom Lighting

LED bathroom lighting is one of the most understated aspects of having a great looking room in your home. Having the correct lighting can help transform a room, and can save you money and hassle in the process. Light Supplier has a selection of LED bathroom lights that can do just the trick. Stylish and efficient, this is lighting that can help your bathroom look better than ever and cut the cost of your average household bill down at the same time.

How do LED lights for the bathroom work?

Having the most conservative energy consumption and the longest life-span, LED lights are becoming the most popular choice of household bulb. While older light bulbs, sometimes known as incandescent bulbs, produce light by passing energy through a filament, these ones go through a semi-conductor. In simple terms, this means LED bathroom lights save you far more energy than you would normally use and can last for much longer.

What are you benefits for your bathroom?

LED bathroom lighting is a solid investment that can reduce your home energy bill and give you the peace of mind of a secure, long-lasting service. 90 per cent of the energy you would normally be using with traditional light bulbs can be saved by making the switch. This is more than energy-saver bulbs or halogen bulbs would. Therefore, while LED lights can cost a little more, they save customers money on their energy bills after just a few months time.

LED bathroom lights will also be a cheaper option because of their long life-spans. Incandescent and halogen bulbs are expected to last several months, and fluorescent lights can live for up to five  years. However, depending on the lights you purchase and how regularly they are used, LED lights can stay alive for up to 30 years. There is no drop in quality in order to achieve this either with LEDs producing light faster than your average bathroom lights.

Take a look at our LED solutions for lighting your bathroom

No matter what style or shape you require, Light Supplier has a wide range of products available for customers today. Take a look at our range just below.

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