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Commercial Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting are primarily home improvement specialists, supplying under cabinet lighting,LED downlights, LED lighting and GX53 lighting. We have been an established stockist and distributor of commercial lighting, replacement handles and kitchen wirework for a number of years, while continuing to invest in and develop our ranges to meet the industry’s changing fashions.

Based in Merseyside and operating out of a 16,000sq ft site, we have been able to develop these particular ranges into one of the most extensive and finest in the North West.

We are able to provide the very best in both interior and external commercial lighting London. Whether you’re looking to light up the internal workspaces of your establishment, or find the perfect fittings that will illuminate the front of your business, you’re sure to find it within our range, for an excellent price.

Our diverse selection of LED lights is guaranteed to provide the ideal cost-efficient solution for your business, whilst our LED strip lights will enable you to cover larger areas affordably and in an energy-efficient manner. Businesses in London will love our collection of modern, sleek, effortless designs; all whilst enjoying the longevity and durability that LED lights can bring.

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LED lighting is the latest trend in technology that’s taking the interior design world by storm. Both economical and practical, LED lights remain usable for the general household users and never fail to instil an element of class and sophistication to any room or cabinet.

LED lighting can be fitted in any room of the home, whether it is your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. As well as acting as the main source of room lighting via ceiling spotlights, they can also be placed underneath glass cabinets for a delightfully warm and inviting look.

One of the top reasons people are increasingly opting for LED lighting is their undisputedly long lifespan. Each LED light emitting diode can be expected to last for up to 100,000 hours, meaning eight hours of burn per day would lead to around 20 years of durability. The lights will not simply stop working abruptly; instead you will notice that they gradually become less bright over time, indicating that it’s time for a change. This is a marked improvement over the tradition bulb “blowing” suddenly, leaving you in the dark in and need of a new light bulb immediately. The LED’s gradual fade-out gives you plenty of time to arrange a replacement, and removes any of the urgency from the equation.

It is their impressive energy efficiency that leads to LED bulbs being so long lasting. With an energy efficiency of 80-90%, they are the leading choice of lighting for many commercial establishments such as warehouses, airports, shops, restaurants and offices; not to mention a growing number of homeowners. Not only is this energy usage better in terms of environmental impact, using less electricity and therefore requiring less fuel – it also means that the lights do not get very hot like a traditional lightbulb, making them perfect for installation within walls, recessed into ceilings or beneath shelving or furniture. When used as outdoor deck lighting or in conjunction with wooden surfaces, their lack of heat prevents warping of the wood and keeps everything well-fitted.

Finally, the ultra-high energy efficiency of LED lights means that they are extremely inexpensive to run. Once installed, they use a fraction of the electricity needed for traditional lighting, making them the perfect choice for commercial lighting, or lighting any large space cost-effectively. The long lifespan of such lights also cuts maintenance costs!

Other benefits of LED lighting include their zero UV emissions making them less wasteful and safer with prolonged exposure; their low voltage; their durable quality and their ecological friendliness. From a design perspective, they are also able to focus light to a specific location without the need for an external reflector, making them capable of incredible precision or diffused lighting, however you want to use them. With careful placement and planning, your LED lights can be used to create any look, from warm and subtle to daring and dramatic.

Here at Light Supplier, our extensive lighting ranges include the latest LED and energy saving light fittings. We also stock vast selections of strip lighting and down lights.