The UK's Leading Lighting Suppliers are primarily home improvement and leading UK lighting suppliers, under cabinet lightingLED downlights,  LED plinth lights, decking lights and GX53 lighting suppliers. We have been an established stockist and distributor of lighting, replacement handles and kitchen wirework for a number of years, whilst continually investing and developing our ranges to meet changing fashions.

Based in Merseyside and operating out of a 16,000sq ft site we have been able to develop these particular ranges into one of the most extensive and finest in the North West.

Wide Range of LED Lighting

LED lighting is the latest in technology that is economical whilst remaining usable for the general household users. LED lighting provides bright lighting for any room including bathroom, bedroom, standard and kitchens. Kitchen Wirework

All the products we offer whether it is lighting, handles or kitchen wirework are constructed from the highest quality coupled with technical and practical experience to give quality and reliability.





Why Choose LED lights?

Energy and Cost Efficient

Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are more efficient than traditional incandescent lights. LEDs use up to 3000% less energy than traditional bulbs. On top of that, LED lights can last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs. Initially, LED lights may seem like the expensive choice but the savings will come back to you several times over.

Retro Fitting

If you are looking to replace your incandescent bulbs with something more economic that still produces good light then out selection of LED bulbs might be what you are after. Our LED bulbs will fit where your current bulbs are and last much, much longer.

Longer Lasting

As mentioned earlier, LED lights can last up to ten times longer than traditional old technology bulbs. This means less unwanted blackouts and panicked look around the house for a spare bulb leaving you more time to enjoy life.

Eco friendly

LED lights use up less energy to be used and last longer so in reality less need to be made, on a pence per light basis the LED light trumps incandescent lights every time.

Multi Purpose

LED don’t just come as bulbs – you can get LED lights in all shapes and sizes in forms such as plinth and tapes. This makes LED lights are highly versatile light solution which can provide light in even the most awkward and remote areas of a home.

Multi Coloured

LEDs come in various colours but generally they are red, green, blue, white and amber giving you plenty of choice for any room or any atmosphere you decide to go with. As UK’s leading LED supplier we have a wide range of colours available across the range.


LED lights are not as delicate as incandescent lights as they are missing a filament and are not encased in fragile glass. Secondly, LED lights do not produce any heat and the risk of them overheating and losing performance is minimal.